Body Odor Facts: Did you know? Your body odor can prevent some diseases!

Body Odor Facts: Did you know?  Your body odor can prevent some diseases!

Body Odor Facts : From attracting pollinators to reproduction, smell is the main thing. It is associated with different emotions in every living being. Starting from flowers, many insects and fishes emit strange odors to attract their mates. Humans also emit many types of odors. Not all is pleasant. Sometimes microorganisms that live on the skin combine with certain compounds in sweat to create odor. Some deodorants are used so as not to have such trouble when going into four people. But how many of you know that body odors can indicate diseases in the body? proved. Generally every human has 3 types of sweat glands. Apocrine, Eccrine, Sebaceous. Although eccrine glands are present in all skin types of the body, apocrine and sebaceous glands are limited to certain areas. Bad smell released from the body during adolescence is caused by apocrine glands. They develop in the armpits, genitals, and head areas and emit foul odor. These areas secrete an oily fluid containing proteins, lipids and steroids. 

Microbial growth is high in armpits and genital areas. Many people think that sweat causes bad breath. But how can the fluids released from the body in the form of sweat have no smell. But when they mix with the microorganisms on the skin, they lead to bad breath. It is different in every person. Many surveys have already revealed that how each person’s fingerprints are different.. Body language is also unique. Not only that, it also varies depending on the location in the body. 

Several factors such as gender, age, diet affect the type of odor a person emits. Moreover, men have larger sweat glands. So they produce more sweat than women. Also, those with diseases related to metabolic imbalance are diagnosed based on the odors emanating from their skin.  People with the genetic disorder trimethylaminuria have a fishy odor. People with phenylketonuria smell like boiled cabbage.

Body odor profiles can also be used to diagnose diseases such as malaria. Studies are still being done on the process of diagnosing these diseases. However, it has been found that the body odor is mostly coming from the microorganisms on the skin. Also, scientists are still researching the role of smell in some diseases. If these findings can be harnessed, it will be possible to make rapid diagnostic tests as well as treat various types of diseases. But currently research is being done on the study that your body odor can ward off some diseases. It is said that this research has given good results. But more research is needed on this. 

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