Blood Diamonds: Diamonds are abundant in that country! However, the eternal hunger and death, the fear of fear!!

Diamond.. When we hear this name, the beautiful scenes that are seen hanging beautifully in the neck of Maguwala appear before our eyes. But, there is a lot of difficulty behind their collection. There are incidents where many people have lost their lives in search of diamonds.  Many are still missing out. At extreme temperatures underground, carbon atoms condense to form diamonds. Hence, they have the highest hardness. In fact, all the world’s famous diamonds belong to India. But, after 1867, African countries took the lead in diamond production.  South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Canada have also made significant progress in the production of diamonds.   

Leaving aside the rest of the world for a moment, the situation in South Africa is tragic. The land there is full of miraculous deposits. Gold, platinum and diamonds are available in abundance. Despite having valuable mineral wealth, the economic condition of the mandate is extremely poor. Many people die of starvation. A few lakh people lost their lives due to diamonds in Mandesh. Many people have migrated to other areas leaving behind the natives. Thousands of women were raped. Millions of men were massacred. What is the reason for these atrocities for real diamonds? To know this, we need to go back in time. The blood vessels hidden behind the diamonds are visible.   

Superpowers turn a blind eye to South Africa’s wealth. The foundations of colonial rule were laid. After World War II, the battle for diamonds began. Britain  Sierra Leone working in the army‌ After the residents returned to their country, the diamond hunt began.  Diamonds are abundant in the land of Siorra.  In the 5th and 6th decades, the locals who came from the war started illegal mining‌ Started. They started selling the found diamonds in the local markets. Mines are difficult to secure as they are open areas. British‌ The rulers appointed the police. But, they could not stop at all. Illegal Mining‌ Widely spread. Sierra Leone’s desired market is Lebanon. provided.  

These diamonds started to move to Liberia and got caught. The  diamond  market has gained momentum at the international level.  At the same time De Beers for dominance‌ The organization has made progress.   Angola, Sierra Leone‌ The company bought large quantities of diamonds from West African countries including    Diamond‌ Is‌ For‌ Ever‌ The slogan was brought to the masses. Demand for diamonds in Africa‌ Increased greatly.  Diamond Mining‌ Many countries have started committing atrocities. The natives were driven away from the areas rich in diamonds. Many people were massacred.  To collect diamonds  Women were enslaved with small children.  Revolutions and cold wars started for dominance over diamond mines.  Revolutionary United‌in Sierra Leone‌ front‌ Killed people brutally. Village after village was evacuated. Many innocent people died in these attacks. Many others fled to Sierra Leone‌ Not only.  Diamond Mining in West and Central Africa‌ In the  bloodied.. The inefficiency of the African countries stuck with corruption has worsened.  Angola Diamond‌ Mining workers are still masters of exploitation. They are living like slaves.  

The situation is almost the same in Congo. 26 percent of the world’s diamonds are found there. But it is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Since 1998, 17 lakh people have died in the war for diamonds in Congo. Many women and children were sexually assaulted. Eventually, thousands of people starved to death. Still there is constant bloodshed for diamonds.   

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