Biryani: Green Chilli Chicken Pulao – This is a hit

The month of Kartika is coming to an end. Meat sales will increase again. If you always eat the same biryani, you get bored, this time cook green chilli chicken pulao and eat it. Very tasty. It is not too difficult to do. Pulau is much easier to make than Biryani. Can be cooked simply in one bowl. Give it a try.

Chicken Pieces  – Groundnuts
Basmati Rice – Groundnuts
Green Chillies – Five
Onions – one
mint – one bunch
coriander – one bunch
yellow – quarter teaspoon
ginger garlic paste – two spoons
yogurt – one cup
garam masala powder – half spoon
Coriander powder – one spoon
Pepper powder – half spoon
Ghee – two spoons
Oil – enough
Spices – pinch
Salt – Adequate to taste

Preparation as
1. Wash the chicken pieces well and put them in a bowl and keep them aside.
2. Now add green chillies, spices, coriander and mint in the mixer and grind them finely. 
3. Put the biryani cooking bowl on the stove. Apply oil. 
4. After the oil heats up, add the chopped onions and fry them. 
5. Add the ground green chilli mixture and fry it. 
6. Add ginger garlic paste and turmeric to them and mix. 
7. Add chicken pieces and salt to everything and mix.  
8. Add a cup of curd and mix. Add half a glass of oil and cover and simmer.
9.  After the chicken piece is cooked, add basmati rice and pour enough water to cook it. 
10.  Add spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, shajira etc. 
11. Cover and cook. Add 80 percent ghee and mix.
12. The stove should be closed before the rice is cooked. That’s it, green chilli chicken pulao is ready. 

You have to eat chicken…
Chicken is a food that is full of proteins. Eating chicken three to four times a week will give your body strength. Even children need to be fed chicken every two days. People with anemia problem can also eat chicken. Vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K are fully obtained from it. Good skin, hair and nails also grow well. Chicken meat is very good for mental health. The properties of chicken prevent mental anxiety and depression. Nutritionists say that chicken has more nutrients than mutton. Fish and chicken are essential for health.

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