Biryani: Biryani Paye – Our favorite food from the top 10.. Out, do you know what is the number one food?

Biryani: Biryani Paye – Our favorite food from the top 10.. Out, do you know what is the number one food?

India stands for unity in diversity. Many cultures and methods flourish on this soil. Each region in 29 states has different food habits. Some people like biryani, while others like tandoori rotis. Some people like doshas and others like thali. Recently, Tasty Atlas has released the list of 100 most loved food items in India. It surprises everyone that biryani is not in the top 10. Let’s take a look at the list of Tasty Atlas top 10 favorite food items.. 

1. Butter Garlic Non

Food available in restaurants, hotels. Butter garlic naan is one of the ingredients. Many people love to eat these. Add minced garlic to the classic recipe. After baking the tandoori roti in the oven, butter or ghee is spread over it. The taste will increase. It is served with curries like butter chicken.  

2. Naan Bread

This is an Indo-Persian dish. Made with white flour, yeast, eggs, milk, salt and sugar. It is baked in    oven‌ It is eaten with curry. 

3. Butter Chicken

It is also known as Murg Makhani.  Butter chicken was first prepared in 1950 at Delhi’s Moti Mahal restaurant. Tomatoes, mixed with butter, cook  chicken‌ to make this wonderful dish. It is eaten with rotis.  

4. Tandoori

Tandoori is a roti made with maida flour. This roti is baked in a clay oven filled with charcoal or wood. This dish entered India from the Middle East.    

5. Tikka

 They are prepared with chicken, mutton and paneer. The deboned meat is mixed with curd and  traditional spices. It is fired on an iron rod in a clay oven.  

6. Indian Thali
A thali is a round plate used to serve a variety of dishes along with meals.  It includes rice, pulses, vegetables, chutney, pickles, papad,  sweets, meat depending on your region

7. Korma

It is prepared in both veg and non-veg ways. It is made with saffron, curd, spices, coriander, ginger, cumin, chillies, turmeric and spices. This dish is believed to have entered India from Persian

8. Samosa

Samosa is most loved by Indians. It is made with flour, beets, onions, peas or meat.

9. Vindaloo

It is a very popular curry of North people.  Made with mutton, beef, pork, prawns.  Goa, Konkan, Britain‌ Popular in  

10. Dosha

Dosha is the food most people eat in breakfast.  This traditional South Indian food is made from soaked rice and millet dal. Fermented one day and next day dosas are made and served with potato vegetable mix, sambar and chutney.  

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