Biryani ATM: In this ATM you get mouth-watering hot Biryani, not money – India’s first Biryani ATM!

Biryani ATM: In this ATM you get mouth-watering hot Biryani, not money – India’s first Biryani ATM!

Everyone knows that ATM means money. But here in the ATM mission you get mouth-watering biryani. It is not somewhere but in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. India’s first biryani vending machine has been set up. Fresh biryani is delivered to you within minutes of the customer placing the order. It is similar to an ATM machine. The screen will show you which biryani you want as well as choose the options to order money. If you select it and pay money, a packet of Biryani will come out.

A boy from Chennai has set up a vending machine named Vetoo Kalyanam (BVK Biryani). This vending machine is located in Kolathur area. This is the first biryani vending machine in India. Its specialty is serving wedding style biryani. The company has released a press release to attract customers. A machine equipped with a 32-in. A menu is displayed before the customer places an order. Details like name and phone number should be registered. Then scan the QR code and make payments. Mutton Mini Biryani here is Rs.345.  

After paying, a countdown timer will start on the screen before the biryani package comes under the shelf under the automated machine. It will serve you piping hot fresh biryani within the given time frame. A video of India’s first biryani vending machine has gone viral on social media. Some people are praising this latest experiment. Some people doubt the quality of biryani. Do you want to see how the biryani comes out of the ATM? But take a look at this video..

BVK Biryani started its operations in Chennai in 2020. It has reached a point where it offers delivery across Chennai in just 60 minutes. The company says that they will try to deliver within 30 minutes in the coming days. Biryani is in full demand. Most people’s favorite food is Biryani. Swiggy revealed that 137 biryani orders are received every minute on the food delivery app. Zomato said that 186 biryani orders were received per minute on its app.

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