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AIf anyone puts a face on Adola .. “What is the face of the castor taginodila pettav” that is played vetakaram. However, if you drink castor oil, no matter what the facial expressions are, there are many benefits to applying castor oil to the skin. It has always been used medicinally. The use of castor oil in our country dates back to BC. Since 2000. There are three species, white, red and large. The leaves of this tree are uplifting as it has always been the upper hand in providing health. Amuda is at the forefront of eliminating rheumatism as well. Castor oil also helps prevent toxins, heart disease, leprosy, itching, inflammation, weevils, and urinary problems. Castor oil plays a key role in flushing out toxins that have accumulated in the body. Let’s find out more about the benefits of castor oil!

❂ Grind castor beans and ginger together into small lumps and take them twice a day for two months to get rid of dark spots on the body.
Castor oil can also prevent the problem.
ము Castor oil also improves kidney function.
Take a small dose overnight to dissolve bladder stones.

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❂ Cough is relieved by eating beetroot curry made with castor oil.
❂ If castor and coconut oils are mixed evenly and massaged into the soles, the inflammation in the legs will be reduced quickly.
Castor oil is very useful for the relief of joint pain and euphoria.
బాధి Good results can be seen if the sufferer with rheumatism puts the product used for cooking on the head during the day.
Castor leaf juice cures jaundice.
The Chinese have also been using castor oil for many years to heal wounds.

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