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Lockdown gives them time to think about the good and bad of a brand or product.

Until a few years ago, the skin care routine basically followed three steps – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Consumers are usually introduced to a product in two ways and buy that product. Those who know it are good, buy what we use, or buy into marketing gimmicks that look like something miraculous is going to happen.

At present, however, such practices are somewhat backward. Consumers are reading labels in 2020, knowing the ingredients, knowing what new products are coming, who is bringing them, and what their attributes are. This consumer awareness has increased even more in this pandemic time. Enough information to fill the internet. The internet is abuzz with reviews from beauty bloggers, such as coming to a proper understanding of your skin. Approximately every week something new comes into the market, telling you that you can get the results you want in a week. In this rush it becomes very difficult to build a routine that is unique to us. This is where the need for skin care experts is growing. They will collect details like your skin type, diet, concerns and suggest remedies accordingly.

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Nowadays, even dermatologists are bringing their brands based on the experience and knowledge they have. Clinical skin care, combined with holistic treatment, has now led to a new category of skin care. It gives you the personal care and perfect skin care formulations you need without the need for consultation every time. Anytime clinical consultation is a little costly affair. It costs around three thousand rupees to talk to a dermatologist once. This is where these brands provide the guidance needed to build a cost effective daily skin care routine. These products are not only good for regular skin care but also for dealing with skin problems like acne and pigmentation.

They are honest with their consumers. If they think it takes three to four months for any product to show results they will tell that matter clearly to the consumers. Today, Repo does not say that your skin problem will be solved. They are always in touch with consumers. Provides them with the guidance they need, gives them the advice they need, and helps them choose the right product. This will also increase the confidence of the consumers towards them.

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Today’s consumers are very powerful and intelligent. That is why many brands are selling products through online expert consultation. Ingredients used in those products in that consultation, along with their efficacy are also given their complete safety profile. Skin type and skin concern are taken into consideration while making each product. There are specific ingredients and pH levels to suit different skin types. The right product always has the right ingredients, the right texture and addresses the problem. Also some products can be used by any skin type.

There seems to be a bright future for the brands that these experts are leading, because, consumers are no doubt taking clinical treatments for better results. Right now the beauty industry is looking pretty. Right now consumers are all following the same mantra, that mantra is to buy less products, but buy better quality. So, now the product value has shifted from its cost to its efficiency.

Consumers are eager to consult cosmetologists and buy products that suit their skin. Experts say that if they focus on result based products then their products can beat international brands.

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Note: These details are provided by health experts and studies. This article is just for your understanding. The best way is to consult a doctor for any minor health problem. Can notice.

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