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  • Split ends that spoil the beauty of the hair
  • Tips to trim at home

Everyone wants to have black pressed hair. But due to the current health conditions, people are facing the problem of hair fall. In addition, hair loss and tangling due to job stress and mental anxieties are also occurring. Split ends This does not stop the hair from growing. Existing hair is also dull without being bright. Through this article we will learn why these split ends and how to treat them.
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Does your hair that once hung like a waterfall now look lifeless without art? Is the hair running out of moisture? However, it does mean that your hair is getting brittle at the end. Pollution causes split ends but that is not the only reason. Split ends also depend on the method of treating the hair.

Tangling when the hair is very dry, tangling when the hair is very wet, going out in the sun without covering the hair, overuse of hair styling tools, not trimming the hair regularly, not conditioning the hair regularly, washing the hair daily, doing chemical treatment to the hair, The split ends are due to the use of products and poor diet.

What can be done to prevent split ends?

Use an old cotton t-shirt or cotton towel to wipe the head while taking a shower bath. According to dermatologists, this method is very good for the hair.
Use a comb with more teeth to comb when your hair is wet. Do not use brushes. Using brushes can cause a lot of damage to the hair
Use conditioner after head bath. Conditioner does not cause more hair to fall out.
✤ You should use hair mask once a week. Hair mask can be applied while doing head bath. Apply the hair mask for about 15-20 minutes. Wear a shower cap at this time. You can wash this hair mask on it
Try to use less heating appliances like hair dryers. Heat Protector Spray can be used first if you feel the need to use a hair dryer.
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Why Trim Split Ends?

1. Split ends do not eat by themselves. If the split ends are not trimmed regularly they will split into feathers. It prevents hair growth.
2. Split ends are in one color, normal hair is in one color. So, if not taken care of, hair color will appear as an event.
3. The natural glow to the hair is lost due to split ends. No matter how many hair masks, no matter how much conditioning, this glow will not be brought back, unless you trim the split ends.

How to trim split ends?

Split ends can be trimmed at home in three different ways. All you need for this is hair trimming scissors, comb.

Hair Twisting Method

This is the traditional method of hair trimming methods. It is also widely used by professionals. This should be done only when the hair is dry.

★ First take an inch of hair and twist it clockwise from the scalp to the end
★ Drag and hold this twisted section
★ Now with this twist extension you will see the split ends outwards
★ Trim the split ends that stick out like this from top to bottom
★ Now re-twist the same section as Anti Clockwise
★ Even now some split ends appear out. They need to be trimmed. Do the whole hair like this.

Hair Sliding Method

Most people do not know this method. Even a little unconventional method. If yours is not straight hair then this method should straighten the hair first. Do not forget to straighten after applying heat protector before straightening

★ Carefully tangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb first
★ Take an Inch Hair. Hold this hair under your index finger, up the middle finger, and again under the ring finger. That is, the hair is visible on your middle finger.
★ Now trim the split ends you see on your middle finger with scissors. Do this till the end of the hair.

Note: These details are provided by health experts and studies. This article is just for your understanding. The best way is to consult a doctor for any minor health problem. Can notice.

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