Skin problems in winter .. If you follow these tips, you will look beautiful!

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ChLikalam is enough .. The skin is dry. In addition to being itchy and itchy, it can cause cracks and irritation. Therefore .. many people are afraid of this season. However, prescribing lotions is not the only way to do this. We have some tips to get rid of skin problems completely. If you follow these .. you will definitely see good results. Check out the Avento again.

Most people do not drink water in winter due to excessive urination. Doing so exposes the body to de-hydrate. So drink more water.
Eat more fruits and vegetables without eating too much.
Do not use alcoholic body creams, lotions or toners if the skin is dry. They cause the skin to become dry. Use only lotions that are low in alcohol.
Coconut oil is known to be a good body lotion. So put a little coconut oil in the water and take a bath. The skin is not dry.
కాస్త Coconut oil mixed with a little lemon juice makes the skin brighter.

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కాస్త Drink a little honey and lemon juice in lukewarm water to make the skin glow beautifully. The waste in the body is also flushed out.
చాలామంది Many people make boiled water due to cold. It is very wrong to do so. This causes damage to the skin’s natural oils. This dries the skin. So take a bath with lukewarm water.
ముందు Before taking a bath, add some corn flour and yoghurt to the skin and let it dry for a while. After that, if you take a bath, your skin will look beautiful without drying out.

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Apply a little orange juice mixed with honey on the skin without drying the skin.
Orange peels should be dried and powdered. Applying the mixture as a paste and applying it on the skin can get rid of the dry skin problem.
Tomato pulp and yoghurt mixture can also reduce the risk of dry skin. The skin looks radiant.
Moisturizer should be applied only when the skin is moist, rather than when it is dry. Only then will the correct result appear.

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