Pits on the face? Change your candle beautifully with these tips

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ThAs the age increases .. skin problems increase. Wrinkles on the skin .. Pits or pits become the villain of beauty. The small pores on the face gradually turn into pits. The sebaceous gland is formed when small pores on the skin expand. It releases oils to protect the skin. However, after a while those oils become negative for the skin. Stretch small holes. After a few years they grow big and become ugly. However, you can definitely get rid of this problem if you pay attention to your skin. You can regain your beauty again by following these tips.

Cucumber, lemon juice: Cucumber works well to remove pores on the face. The silica in it not only rejuvenates your skin but also closes large pores. Even better results can be seen if lemon juice is added to these. Lemon also plays a key role in eating pits.
Do the following: Add one tablespoon of lemon juice to two tablespoons of cucumber juice. Apply the juice on the face with a cotton ball. Rinse face with cold water after it dries well.

Banana peel: Why not get a banana peel useless. It also plays a key role in filling pores on the face. This is because banana peel contains lutein. It contains antioxidants that help nourish the skin. Potassium in banana peel removes blemishes on the skin.
Do the following: Rub the banana peel round on your skin. Rub like this for about 15 minutes. Then rinse face with cold water. Do this twice a week. The large pores formed on the face gradually disappear.
‘My sister is scared .. my boyfriend’ her .. ‘Multani clay: Multani clay is not just pimples. It also eats away at the pores that form on the skin. It absorbs the oils on the skin and prevents the formation of large pores. It also removes dead skin cells. If you apply multani clay once a week .. the pores will become tight.
Do the following: Apply multani clay well to your face. Rinse face with cold water after it dries.

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❂ Yellow: You know the virtues of turmeric. Destroys bacteria in yellow pits that have antibacterial properties. The result is less swelling around the pores.
Do the following: Add a teaspoon of turmeric to a little water and make a paste. Write it on the face. Rinse face with cold water after ten minutes.

Oats, milk: Oats are not the only good breakfast. It is also very useful for skin care. Oats absorb oil from the skin. Also reduces the size of holes and pits.
Do the following: Mix one tablespoon of milk in two tablespoons of oats. Apply the mixture to the skin. Rub your face for a while after it dries well. Then rinse face with cold water.