Makeup tips: these girls should have these 6 eye makeup brushes, know how to use them

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Who doesn’t like beautiful eyes? If the makeup is done properly, then the beauty of the eyes becomes four moons. There are many types of brushes available in the market for eye makeup. But we often confuse which of these is good?

Actually, eye makeup brush is a valuable tool. These brushes have special use on different areas of the eyes. For women who try different looks, many types of eye makeup brushes are needed. Let’s know which makeup brush you should keep in your kit to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Eyebrush brush

There is no denying that eyebrows help enhance your look. Eyebrows are brushed and angle bristles. Hair is pulled from the eyebrows using cream, gel or powder. Use crooked bristles to fill the eyebrows, then mix it with an eye brush. This way it will help complete your eye makeup.

Pencil brush

The pencil brush smashes your cream eyeliner as well as blends the eyeshadow directly with your lash line. This helps you bleach just below your lashes. If you want your eyes to look smokey, you should always use a pencil brush for this.

Smudge Brush

This brush is used to give a soft look by hiding the bad lines of the eyebrows. Other eye makeup brushes have small hairs in their smudge brushes that are flat in shape. Using them you can darken the color of your eyelids.

Eye shadow brush

Eye shadow brush helps give your lashes a perfect look. This brush is usually chipped, round and quite dense at the tip. With its help, you can use many types of eyeshadows.

Foundation brush

You can use this brush in place of your fingers or sponges while applying liquid makeup. When applying foundation powder or liquid, you need an application brush. These brushes are usually dense and look like paintbrushes or flat brushes.

Mascara brush

Mascara Brush comes with Dundee and Brush. These two should always be kept separate to protect mascara from bacteria. This helps in softening the eyebrows. However, after using them, they should be washed.

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