lipstick for zodiac sign: This zodiac sign they are immersed in romantic .. This is the suit lipstick for them .. – best lipstick shade for your zodiac sign know here all in telugu


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Lipstick is one of the most compliant makeup items. They also use lipstick, which is not a big other makeup artist. Applying lipstick over and over is also easy, which is one reason why everyone likes it so much. Of course, using shades that you like but have you ever tried using lipstick color according to your zodiac sign? If you haven’t done so yet, read this now and try out which shade of lipstick works best for you.

1. Aries

This pile is for those who are very brave, who have a bursting mentality. They also have high ambitions. They love to accept any challenge and stand as winners. Should their lipstick shade also be appropriate for such a bold personality? Therefore, red color lipstick with orange shade is a good suit for them. It is even better to use this color in combination with muted eye makeup.
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2. Taurus

This pile they are as relaxed as the com, not overly excited. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Their circle of friends is also small, but loyal. If they want their lipstick shade to suit their personality, they should take a pink nude color with cool tones. This shade makes this pile compliment each of their features. They like matte lipstick more because they are comfortable and do not dry out quickly. This lipstick can be used on a daily basis, or even combined with full face makeup when going to any outdoor brunch.

3. Gemini

This pile they always want to try something new. No doubt to get out of their comfort zone. Succeed in the face of any situation. The perfect lipstick color for them is a bold red color shade with slightly pink shades. The combination of these two shades is exactly the right fit for their Gemini personality. With this lip color you will look beautiful even if you wear bold eye liner and eye shadow.

4. Cancer

This pile they are very introverted. Soft-spoken. Cool lovers. They share milk in conversation but speak softly, say nice points. They want the lipstick shade they want right away. Not all of them like to look at themselves, they are the car of attention seekers. That is why the color with pink to peach shades with cool tones is a great suit for them. This is a shade that fits their personality nicely. A little mascara is even better when used in combination with blush.
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5. Leo

For those of this stature, confidence is high and courage is high. The charge is even higher. They never want to be the center of attention. The perfect shade for them is a shade of red with a hint of coral orange. This shade is well suited to their courage and passion. Wearing a gold highlighter with this lipstick would be even more perfect.

6. Virgo

This pile they are very practical. Innocent. They are like neighbors. They can hold on tight in any situation. Their lipstick should reflect these qualities. Nude lipsticks suit them well. Lipstick with orange hints on brown nude is perfect for them. Fill in the eyebrows and use a nude blush to apply this lipstick.


7. Libra

They are fun. Friends more. They have a good romantic nature. They know how to keep their life in good balance. This is a loving mentality. Who never hesitate to help. They have no better shade than red lipstick. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little pink shade. Concealer is perfect when used in combination with contouring.

8. Scorpio

This is a mentality that is very passionate. Very Powerful Personality. They also like to be empowered. Yet there are always people around who are fascinated by their personality. Deep berry color lipstick is great for them. It doesn’t matter if you have a little purple undertones. If you bite and define the cheeks there is no turning back.

9. Sagittarius

They love to travel. They are always looking for new opportunities. Life is hard for them if not fun. Red lipstick in deep tones suits them well. Perfect match for all day liquid red lipstick. However, they should not forget to apply lip balm and apply lipstick.

10. Capricorn

This zodiac sign has high ambitions for them but at the same time they are also simply relaxed. Ambitions and Simplicity are the qualities that reflect their personality. The perfect lipstick shade for them is a color with cool toned brown hints in a muted pink shade. For them this shade is perfect.

11. Aquarius

They love to experiment with this mass, they also have a lot of creativity. They are good at shaping new ideas. The shade that suits them is the shade with brown hints in deep red. It is perfect to match the bold eye look with this shade.
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12. Pisces

They live in reality, even more imaginative. This pile is a sensitive mentality for them. The shade that suits them is peachy nude color. It fits their imagination and mysterious personality perfectly. Use a rose gold highlighter with this shade of lipstick for a healthier glow.

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