Know why you should not apply body loss on your face, what can be the harm

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In winter, the skin of our body becomes dry, which to make us soft and hydrated lotion pour le corps Have to use. From the beginning of the day to the night, we use different types of creams and lotions in our skin care routine. But in reality there are only a few women who follow it.

Many times women use body lotion on the face thinking that it will do exactly the same thing as face cream. Therefore, she does not understand the difference between cream and body lotion and forgets to apply it on the face. Admittedly, moisturizer works to moisturize our skin, but it is not good to use it on other parts of the body. Let’s know why?

The skin of the face is more delicately
Your facial skin is much more delicate than the rest of the body. This is because the skin of your body replaces cells at a much slower rate than your face. Since the skin is thick, it requires products that are much thicker than moisturizers.

Can lock the porse
Body lotions are much thicker, so if you apply it on your face, it will not only be difficult to absorb your facial skin, but will also attract dust and dirt. In addition, it will also close your pores, which can increase the chances of acne.

May cause allergic reactions
Body lotion can sometimes cause an allergic reaction on the delicate skin of your face. The chemicals and ingredients present in it can prove to be quite harsh for your facial skin.

Chemicals can cause harm
Artificial fragrances and colors are used to make the body lotion fragrant and colorful. So when it is applied on the face, these chemicals can damage your skin. This can cause allergic reactions like burning sensation and redness on the face.

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