How to choose toner depending on skin type.

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If you are interested in skin care then you already know about CTM routine. CTM means cleansing, toning, moisturizing. This is a three step routine that can be easily followed. We can reap the benefits of following this routine every day. However, many people do cleansing and moisturizing, but forget about toning. Moisturizer benefits can be obtained by doing toning after cleansing. But, selecting the toner is no easy task. Yours Skin type Let us see how to select the appropriate toner for.

If your skin is red, with dry patches, irritation, peeling, cracking, and itching, your chances of having dry skin are high. Keep your skin shiny and wipe with a tissue. If oil gets on the tissue, yours is oily skin. If your tea zone is oily then your combination skin.

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Toner depending on skin type.

Alcohol based toners should be avoided if you have dry skin. Take a hydrating toner with cucumber extracts or cream base. Oily skin however should not make you feel heavy after you apply. Also not sticky. Select Ingredients Refreshing Oil, and Gentle Toner. Choose a toner that contains salicylic acid in sensitive skin ingredients. Avoid toners containing SLS and parabens. If you have acne prone skin, choose an alcohol-free toner. Also toners containing alpha hydroxy acid exfoliate softly. This makes the skin glossy and clean without any flakyness. The first two or three seconds after applying the toner, there is a slight tingling sensation, which means that the toner’s pH level is correct, that is, slightly acidic. This acidic quality is also gentle on sensitive skin. Acne prone skin toner with salicylic acid is recommended but for sensitive skin this ingredient can be a little harsh and irritating.

What else should be ..

  • Witch Hazel – This flowering plant has been used in skin care since time immemorial. As a result, the skin tone is the same, the natural oils are balanced, and the pores are unlocked.
  • Green Tea – Green tea is not just for drinking. Its antioxidant properties make the skin refreshing.
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera cools the skin. If it is in toner it will be hydrating. Temporary Discomfort Reduces Redness.
  • Tea Tree Oil – Also used to unlock cores. Tea tree oil can make the original pores invisible.
  • Rosewater Oil – It removes impurities naturally. Tightens the skin.

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Benefits ..

There are many benefits to using toner. They are:

1. Makes the pores look smaller. The result is a smooth, well-polished look to your skin. Gives a good glow to the skin.
2. Toners are formulated to protect the skin from pollution and other weather conditions.
3. Facial toner rejuvenates the skin. Gives skin a tight, firm look. Try using toner twice a day and you will know the effect immediately.
4. CTM is a good option to start and complete your daily routine. It gives an amazing effect.
5. Cools the skin. Reduces any redness.
6. Oil helps to remove makeup. Cleanses the skin naturally.
7. Facial toner is good for hydrating the skin. Moreover it also helps to retain moisture.

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So, get the facial toner that suits you and give your skin a good glow.

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