Follow beauty tips from Kriti Sanon’s Instagram account this festive season

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Kriti Sanon keeps posting through her Instagram for everything from fitness to beauty-wellness and how to take care of herself. In the same way, you can also get the motivation to try a new bold look. You can take many tips from Kriti’s Instagram and start following.

New Haircut: If you are bored with the same look in lockdown then a new hair-cut is created. Anyway, you must have known that girls’ hair-cuts also change according to their mood. New haircut means new beginning. Kriti Sanon also gave a shoulder-length hair-cut to her lockdown. Never before has Kriti’s hair been so short. You can also get a new hair cut according to your face-cut and choice to change your look. Hair-cut changes your entire personality.

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Good hair accessory options: Always keep good hair accessory options with you. If you want to make your hair look different from a boring simple look, then add a colorful and a few different design hair accessories and see how you will change from a simple to a trendy look. Like kriti, keep cute hairbands, bows and hair accessories as per your choice. Sometimes in a hurry or in an end-minute plan, they are very useful in giving a stylish look to the hair.

Makeup removal: Like Kriti Sanon you too Love your makeup Will, but Kriti never goes to sleep with makeup. Kriti says that she uses mild cleanser to remove makeup and sleep with a good face every night. No matter how tired she is, she never sleeps with makeup. So you should also keep in mind that no matter how tired you are, no matter how late, do not go to sleep without removing makeup. Leaving the makeup on the face overnight makes the makeup go into the pores, which causes the pores to close and also has a bad effect on the cells in your face. This can also lead to fine problems as well as fine lines.

Bright Color Lipstick: Even with a simple dress, if you apply bright color lipstick, it enhances your face. Nowadays pop-colors are in fashion anyway. A pop-up or bright collar lipstick in contrast instantly makes you ready for every occasion. Kriti mostly prefers velvet-matte lipsticks. This does not dry the lips.
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Glitter Eye Shadow: If you want to get ready for the party then forget black or brown eye shadow. Do not shy away from trying glitter i-shadows. It makes your eyes look different. Spread colorful sparkles on your oil well. You can choose such funky colors as Green, Blue, Purple. Kriti loves experimenting on lids in eye makeup. You too try this look and see how your look will look different from pop color eye-shadows.

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