dusserah 2021: If you make it like this for Dasara festival, everyone’s eyes are on you .. – here to know perfect makeup for durga puja and dusserah festivities


  • Women who get dressed especially on Dussehra day
  • The traditional look is yours with a few tips

There is one more thing to note besides knowing about the time of participating in pooja. Idols of Goddesses are set up in many places during the Dussehra festivals. Then you have to move from one place to another. Turning around like this is likely to have a huge impact on your makeup look.
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So prepare your skin in advance to deal with such situations. Dinesh Jane explained some tips very easily so that we know many such precautions. If you want to know how to design a make-up look to suit worm festivals like Dussehra, look for it now. With this you can learn many things.

In order to look beautiful all day long in makeup, the skin must first be moisturized. Doing so will make the look stand out throughout the day. Most people start with makeup with foundation. But remember that the moisturizer should be used only before.
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Base foundation should be used only after moisturizing. Make sure to apply the base foundation evenly on the skin. Then use concealer. Using concealer removes blemishes and scratches on the face.

Durga Pujas have a whole traditional look. So make sure the eyes look very pretty. It would be nice if the eyes were natural and the way you like it. Enlarge yourself using eye shadow, eye liner and bite. This will make your eyes look brighter. You can use bold colors more if you participate in pooja at night. Light colors can be used however for the same morning look. Finally finish with red lipstick and red bindi.

During the morning however make sure the makeup look is very casual and beautiful. If it is the same evening, select heavy makeup. Leave any base makeup on at any time. Use bold colors for eye shadow such as shimmery gold and copper. The most commonly used smoky ice in the meantime are very pretty in the evening look. You can also use blush and highlighter to make the festive vibes appear using colors that suit you. Apply eye shadow color, blush and lipstick to match the color.
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These Durga Pujas are not the only ones that involve many processes like meeting with friends and relatives during any festival and having a traditional meal. To keep the same makeup look from morning to evening spray the setting spray after all the makeup is done. Doing some spraying like this will make the makeup look beautiful without going away. You will always look beautiful if you do makeup for Dasara like this. Even if no one can turn a blind eye to you.

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