Double Chin .. Want to go? Results in 30 days with these exercises!

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Dr.Bull Chin .. This is a problem that bothers a lot of people. Many people make all sorts of attempts to get out of this problem that becomes a barrier to beauty. You no longer have to worry about looking at this double chin that looks like the face has matured. Because .. try the exercises that say now. If done regularly .. you can see good results in 30 days. After the age of 25, fats accumulate on the skin of the face. No matter how many creams you write .. no matter what you do this problem will haunt you. Just like we do daily exercises to keep the body fit .. We also need to do some facial exercises to keep the face beautiful and youthful. These exercises improve blood circulation in the face. As a result wrinkles on the skin also disappear.

How is a double chin formed ?: Double chin is called ‘submute fat’ in medical terminology. A double chin is caused by a layer of fat that forms under or around the neck. This problem is especially common in overweight people. Sometimes this double chin problem is also caused by a genetic problem or loose skin. However, regular facial exercise can help you get rid of that problem. This exercise not only strengthens the muscles and tissues but also your jaws. You can do these exercises at home. And, let’s see Avento!

Ball Exercise: If you have a tennis ball or cricket ball .. you can do this exercise easily. Take a 9 to 10 inch captive. Place it under the chin in front of your jaw. Then press the ball down with the chin. Trying this 25 to 30 times a day will definitely show good results.

Exercise with the tongue: In this exercise you should stretch your tongue straight out and fold it into an ‘O’ shape. Keep the tongue intact and try to catch the nose. Put the tongue on the side of the nose. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Breathe in for a while and do the same exercise over and over again.

Chewing gum exercise: It may seem like a bit of a movie to listen to. But, it is a very good exercise. Chewing gum is very effective in removing fat from the face. It keeps the face and jaw muscles strong. However, it can also cause pain in your mouth.

Oooh..Eee .. Say:
It may even feel like a movie to you. But, very good for the face. Even if it is very simple. All you have to do is make a noise out of your mouth. When oo your lips move forward. These will then go backwards. This helps to strengthen the muscles in the upper part of the lips, nose and lips.

Toy Exercise: If you want to strengthen the muscles at your forehead .. do this exercise. Put your two fingers on the Victory Symbol (in V-shape) on this occasion. Then lower it again. Give the dolls up and down 10 times in three stages, giving them a break in the middle of the day.

Facelift Exercise: This exercise helps to prevent the skin on the top of your legs from sagging. There is a good benefit to doing this with a smile. Part of this is placing your two fingers on the cheekbones under the eye. Then lift the skin towards the eye with your fingers to move the upper lip muscles. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat ten times.

Exercise with a smile: This is the easiest of the exercises mentioned so far. It is said that a smile solves many problems and gives us a good impression of others. Did you know that smiling now eliminates your double chin problem as well? Part of this exercise is to smile completely .. to get back to normal. Doing this 10 times a day will not only make your face look sleek but also look very artistic.

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Bunga Mouth Exercise: It affects your lips and cheeks. Part of this is that you have to put on a ‘fish’ face. I mean .. you have to stretch your lips forward like you are kissing. After that put the muzzle .. Move the lips to the right and left. Place the mouthpiece to the left first. Then bring it to the center. Then turn to the right. Do this ten times a day.

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Double Chin Exercise: All the above exercises are also to reduce the double chin .. If you do all the fats on your face will melt evenly. Eventually you will get a better result by doing this double chin exercise. As part of this exercise you keep your face straight. Then push your lower jaw forward. Take it back after that. Doing this ten times a day will bring good results.

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