best sunscreen lotion: Do not use this sunscreen lotion at all … Skin will be damaged .. – what is the use of sunscreen lotion and how to use it know here all in telugu


  • Sunscreen is important every day
  • Experts who want to follow some tips

1. Look at the label before buying sunscreen and read the list of ingredients in it. Zinc and titanium dioxide are present on the skin and do not absorb inside, so they provide good protection. Do not take products that contain ingredients that affect hormones.
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2. No need to buy sunscreen with SPF more than 50. Sunscreen with SPF 15-30 is sufficient for everyday use. Take 30+ in situations where you need to spend more time in the sun.

3. Broad spectrum sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB races. Don’t think that you do not want to apply sunscreen again. Sunscreen does not stay that way all day. Sunscreen can be scratched by sweat and worn clothing.

4. Sunscreen is only for women. But, men also need protection from UVA and UVB rays. They also need to use sunscreen.

5. Do not write sunscreen on baby shit without talking to your doctor. Even after that write a little on the front hand and write the whole as soon as it is clear that there is no allergic reaction.
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6. Sunscreen sprays are convenient to use but the spray does not even out the entire body. Therefore, it is better to use lotion, especially on the face.

7. Have sunscreen applied, do not expect to turn in the sun without fear. When sunscreen is written or re-applied, it is necessary to wear an umbrella, a hat and full sleeves when it is very sunny.

8. It is not advisable to use sunscreen with any combination of vitamin.

9. Sunscreen should be applied on all parts of the body exposed to the sun. That is, it should also be applied on the ears and feet. If the tops are not collared, they should also be applied on the back.

10. Those with sensitive skin should use sunscreen specifically for them.

11. Do not store sunscreen in hot places.

12. Use sunscreen every day.

13. Many people think that sunscreen is not necessary in winter. But, it is necessary to use sunscreen whenever you go out.

14. Not only do you need to step outside, you also need sunscreen when you go in the car, even if the windows are sunny.

15. People with acne prone skin should use sunscreen specialized for them.

16. Do not use sunscreen with fragrance or perfume.

17. Sunscreen should be reapplied once every two hours, as long as it is outside.

18. Do not buy sunscreens whether your friend is using them or not. Take only brand sunscreen that you feel comfortable with.

19. Use water resistant sunscreen. Sweat takes over when going out. Using water resistant sunscreen will prevent the sunscreen from melting to that sweat.

20. One estimate is that most people apply sunscreen only a quarter or half of what they need. Apply sunscreen as needed. Remember to apply sunscreen on every visible body part.

21. Keep checking the expiration date.

22. Sunscreen should be applied half an hour before going out.

23. Combine sunscreen with your skin care items to avoid forgetting.
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24. Do not apply sunscreen whether makeup products contain sunscreen or not. Sunscreen in cosmetics is less likely to be water resistant.

25. Take good quality sunscreen. Otherwise more harm than good will happen.

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