Bathukamma Special Recipes: These are Bathukamma’s favorite offerings for the nine days and can be prepared in minutes.

First day – Engili Pula Bathukamma
Offering – Prasadam made with sesame flour and rice flour 
Preparation: Take a cup of sesame seeds and fry them in a pan. When it turns brown, take it out and add sugar to make it powdery. Rice flour and coconut can also be added to this powder. This is the offering made to Angilipula Bathukamma. 

Second day – Atukula Bathukamma
Offering – jaggery along with sappidi pappu – Atukulu     
Preparation- First prepare the sappidi dal. Boil kandipapu in a cooker with some turmeric. Coat the dal with ghee. Dry chillies and green chillies should not be added. It should not be spicy as it is a bland lentil. 

For jaggery – Atukula recipe first put ghee in a pan and fry  cashews, raisins, almonds and keep aside. Add jaggery in the same pot and melt it. After they melt, clean the paste and take it out without soaking it too soft and add it to the jaggery and mix it. Sprinkle the pre-fried dry fruits on top. That’s it jaggery – atukula prasadam recipe is ready. 

Third day – Muddappu Bathukamma
Offering – Muddappu
Preparation – In cooker Add fenugreek seeds, turmeric, curry leaves, ground cumin seeds, a spoonful of oil and water and cook gently. Add salt before boiling. Mudda Prasadam is ready. 

Fourth day – Nanabiyam Bathukamma
Offering – Bellamannam or Paramannam
Preparation – One cup of rice Cook in three cups of milk. If you don’t want rice to cook in milk, you can add two and a half cups of milk and one cup of water. Melt jaggery in another pan. Also fry dry fruits in ghee and keep aside. After the rice is cooked, add the melted jaggery at the end and mix. Stop the stove. Once the jaggery is mixed well, add the fried dry frites on top. That’s it, bellamannam is ready. 

Fifth Day – Atla Bathukamma
Offering – Atlu or Doshelu
Preparation – Today Prasad is very easy to make. Atlu or dosha, which is regularly made at home, is offered as an offering. But it is said that it is better if you put atla made of rice flour. For this, add  cup of rice flour, quarter cup of semolina, quarter cup of curd, cumin seeds and enough water in a bowl and mix well. Dosha should be mixed like batter. Keep it aside for ten minutes and make atlu or dosha with that rub and offer it to Amma.   

Sixth Day – Sold Bathukamma
Offering – No offering is offered on this day

Seventh day – Vepakayala Bathukamma 
Offering – Vepakayala Prasadam made with rice flour
Preparation  – Add one cup of rice flour, two spoons of sesame seeds, enough salt in a bowl and mix . Add warm water to it and mix it like chapati dough. Press the dough like neem and fry it in oil. And that’s it, Vepakaya Prasad is ready. 

Eighth day – Buttermilk Bathukamma
Offering – Buttermilk
Preparation – Half a cup in a bowl to make buttermilk. Add rice flour. Put two spoons of butter in it. Mix the butter well in the flour. Add some hot water and grind it till it becomes chapati dough. Now take a small ball and roll it round like Gulab Jamulla. Once the round balls are ready, fry them in oil. On the other hand take caramel. Take out the fried butter cubes and put them in the cake. The offering of unsweetened butter to the mother is ready. 

Ninth day – Saddula Bathukamma
Offering – Cobb ranam, sesame seeds, lemon puliharo, tamarind pulihora, dodjanam…etc. Make the desired offerings. We have given the recipes of these separately.

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