Bathukamma Special Recipes: Sesame Saddi, Saddula Bathukamma Special Recipe, If you do this, the taste will be overwhelming.

Bathukamma is a festival of colorful flowers. As this festival is coming, the villages and towns of Telangana will be filled with flowers. It is a beautiful festival where flowers are piled up as batukamma and measured as deity.  Gouramma with turmeric paste is placed in betel leaf or leguminous leaf on Batukamma. Worship is done with incense lamps and offerings are made. Turmeric made into gouramma is taken out and applied to the mangalsutras. They want to see their yellow flowers and house with all the comforts. A special offering to Gauramma on Saddula Bathukammana is Sesame Saddi. It is prepared with sesame powder. 

Ingredients required: 
Cooked rice – four cups
Ghee – half a cup
Dry chillies – Four
Curry leaves – two shoots
Fenugreek seeds – araspoon
Oil – three spoons
Coriander seeds – two spoons
Cumin seeds – one spoon
Mustard seeds – one spoons
br />Yelko – half a spoon
Gano dal – one spoon

Preparation like this…
1. First, add sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds and dry chillies in a pan and fry them in a mixer until dry. 
2. First cook the rice. Make sure that the rice is dry. There is no need to add salt if it is cooked.  
3. Now place the pan on the stove and add oil. 
4. Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, groundnuts, curry leaves and dry chillies and fry. 
5. Add a pinch of turmeric and mix. 
6. Now put rice in it.
7. Add the sesame powder prepared earlier on top of the rice and mix it like you mix the rice. 
8. That’s it, Sesame Saddi offering is ready. 

Eating Sesame seeds has many health benefits. It contains a lot of nutrients. People suffering from anemia and iron deficiency should eat dishes made with sesame seeds. If you eat sesame with jaggery, these problems will disappear quickly. Because iron content is high in both of them. These are high in amino acids and proteins. It is also rich in magnesium. Sesame dishes are very good for people suffering from diabetes. Prevents blood glucose levels from rising. It contains Sesamol, an antioxidant. It is very necessary. It helps prevent heart disease. Eating dishes cooked with sesame oil also has many health benefits. It is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and good fats. That is why this oil is called ‘power house&rsquo. can be called This oil is also rich in Vitamin E. 

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