Bathukamma Special Recipes: Sattu Pindi, Kobbarannam for Saddula Bathukamma – Very easy to make

Bathukamma Special Recipes: Bathukamma is a very exciting festival in Telangana. For those nine days, women in Telangana keep measuring Bathukamma. Every day the offerings that she likes are cooked and reported. The most important day is the day of worshiping Saddula Bathukamma. On the ninth day we measure Saddula Bathukamma. Many kinds of offerings are cooked on this day. Many people cook coconut and sattupindi in excess. Both of these are also very easy to cook. 

Satu flour 

Rice flour – one cup
Panchadara – half cup
Ghee – two spoons 
Cardamom powder –  half spoon

Preparation like this
1. Put the kalai on the stove and fry the rice flour a little. Make sure not to change. Take this batter and keep it aside.
2. Now add powdered sugar in a mixer jar. 
3. Put kalai on the stove and add ghee. Add rice flour and fry it. 
4. Close the stove and add rice flour, sugar powder, cardamom powder and mix. 
5. Nutrient filled sattu flour is ready. 
6. Offering it to the goddess and then receiving it as prasad will provide a lot of nutrients. cups 
Grated coconut – one cup
Curry leaves – two shoots
Green chillies – three
Grated coriander – two spoons
Ghee – two spoons
Peanuts – half spoon
Minapappu – half spoon
Cashew nuts – ten
Cumin – half spoon
Mustard – half spoon
Salt – to taste

Preparation as
1. Rice should be cooked in advance. Make sure that the rice is dry.
2. Put kalai on the stove and add ghee. Add groundnut, gram flour, cumin, mustard and green chillies and fry. 
3. Then add curry leaves and cashews and fry. 
4. Turn on the stove and add grated coconut while the mixture is hot. 
5. Add hot rice and salt and mix. 
6. If you sprinkle coriander on top, the kobbarannam is ready. 

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