Ayurvedam: Shouldn’t drink milk after eating chicken? What do Ayurvedic experts suggest?

Many of us have a habit of drinking milk while sleeping. With the same habit we drink after eating meat. Even when we go to a restaurant, after eating non-veg, we drink milk shake or eat milk products. Ayurvedic experts say that doing so is dangerous for health. It is said that it damages our digestive system and causes many health problems. It is believed that it is not good to eat some ingredients together with others.  It is said that we should eat with the right combination of food ingredients. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are out of balance. Ayurvedic experts say that if they are not proper, our body will get sick. That’s why even elders in our houses say not to eat curd after eating meat.   

The side effects of consuming milk after eating chicken..  

Consuming milky products after eating chicken will disturb our digestive system. Because they are substances that have two different qualities. Eating these two together causes harmful acids to form in our stomach. It damages our digestive system. This causes erosion problems. Apart from that, you have to face problems like nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, gastric problems, severe skin problems, loose stools. Ayurvedic experts suggest that the hours should be maintained. But this argument is being refuted by dieticians. They say that there will be no such problems. Nutritionists are of the opinion that drinking milk after eating chicken or fish does not have any harmful effects. Foods like chicken and fish take some time to digest. Consuming liquid after eating them slows down the digestion process a bit. Nutritionists say that taking liquid after eating meat makes the stomach feel full but does not cause any health problems.

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