What to do in 7 days of the week and what should not be done even by mistake

Day wise work: Just as if you go in the right direction, you reach your destination soon, in the same way, if you do any work according to the day, you get its auspiciousness and benefits very easily. This is the reason that in Sanatan tradition there is a tradition to see good and bad before doing any work. To know which the help of almanac is taken. Here we have been told about doing different things on 7 different days of the week. Come Astrology Through this we know that on which day of the week, which work is auspicious and which work is inauspicious and fruitful.

luck will be improved by doing these works on sunday

In Hinduism, Sunday is dedicated to the Sun God. It is believed that work related to this power, governance, use of wood, weapons, war, fire is more auspicious and fruitful. It is also considered auspicious to take the Siki post on Sunday. According to astrology, one should not argue with anyone on Sundays, nor should basil leaves be plucked.

Auspiciousness is found in these works on Monday

In Sanatan tradition, Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Moon God. According to astrology, Monday is considered very auspicious and fruitful for transactions, planting trees, animal husbandry, purchasing goods related to agriculture, art, jewelery etc. Mother should not be offended even by mistake on Monday and traveling in the east direction should be avoided on this day.

Everything will be auspicious with these works on Tuesday

The day of Tuesday is dedicated to Sankatmochak Shri Hanuman ji and Bhumiputra Mangal Devta. In such a situation, this day is considered very auspicious for the purchase, sale and construction of land etc. It is believed that Tuesday is also auspicious for dividing enemies, exercise, war, use of weapons etc. One should not take loan from anyone on Tuesday, nor should basil leaves be plucked. Traveling in the north direction should be avoided on this day.

luck changes on wednesday with these actions

According to astrology, Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Shri Ganesha and the prince of planets, Mercury. Wednesday is considered auspicious for studies, arts and business etc. One should avoid eating paan and traveling in the north direction on Wednesday.

Do’s and Don’ts on Thursday

Thursday is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu and the deity Brihaspati. According to astrology, Thursday is considered very auspicious for religious-manglik work like Yajna, Vidya Abhyas, travel, ride, medicine, jewelery etc. Hair, nails, etc. should not be cut on Thursday, nor should cobwebs be used on this day.

Luck will improve with these actions on Friday

In the Sanatan tradition, Friday is devoted to the worship of Goddess and worship of Shukra Dev. According to astrology, songs and music, man-woman relationship, love-affairs, purchase of new clothes and wearing them are very auspicious on Friday. According to astrology, husband and wife should not quarrel on Friday, nor should they insult any blind person.

Do not forget to do this work on Saturday

In Hinduism, Saturday is considered dedicated to worshiping Lord Hanuman and Lord Shani. It is believed that on Saturday, the work of tantra-mantra like chanting, killing etc. is considered auspicious. Avoid buying iron on Saturday. Urad dal, salt, shoes and slippers etc. should not be bought on this day.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and public beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for it. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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