What says your lips

Everyone’s wish is that astrology (astrology) To know in detail about your future, strengths, shortcomings etc. Samudrik Shastra to know about the qualities and nature of a person by looking at his face, body parts etc. (Samudrik Shastra) It proves to be very helpful. Just as the future of a person can be known by looking at the lines of the hand, in the same way, by looking at the lips that spread smile, you can also know the nature of the person.(Future)You can easily know about etc. One can easily know the secret hidden in his heart without speaking to him. let the lips of man (Lips) Let’s try to know his mood through it.

what does the shape of your lips say

According to oceanography, by looking at the shape of the lips of each person, you can know his nature. For example, if a person’s lips are small, then he often suppresses his heart and says it in front of someone only after much deliberation. On the other hand, people with big lips have the quality that they can easily get the matter of other’s heart out of it. Such people are often found to be clever. On the other hand, the faster a person with thick lips is attracted towards something or work, the faster they get disillusioned with it.

Know the secrets of others by the color of lips

According to oceanography, people whose lips are red in color are very beautiful and intelligent. Such people are very lucky and they get all kinds of comforts easily in life. At the same time, those with pink lips also lead a princely life. Such people believe in their karma more than luck and try to get everything related to life on the strength of hard work. On the other hand, people with dark lips are hardworking and honest. Often the life of such people is a bit more struggle. On the other hand, people with purple lips believe in learning and doing something new all the time in life. Such people like to move with the times.

This sign is given by the mole of the lips

Like the shape and color of the lips, the mole on it also gives good and bad signs related to a person’s life. For example, if a woman has a mole on her upper lip, then her life is very happy and if a man has a mole on his upper lip, then that person is very attractive and lives life with ease. People who have a mole on their lips, they are very happy and social with people. He has love for all in his heart.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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