Venus Transit 2022: Due to the transit of Venus in Taurus, the luck of five zodiac signs will shine like a diamond, know your condition too

Navagrahas (Navgrah) In this, Venus has been considered as the factor of love, beauty, marital happiness, fame, splendor, etc. Astrology (astrology) According to this, when the planet Venus is strong in the horoscope, a person gets all kinds of material happiness, opulence etc., while weak he has to face all kinds of problems. planet venus (Venus) Today, on June 18, 2022, after leaving Aries, it is transiting in its own zodiac sign Taurus. Till now, Venus, which together with Rahu, has been the cause of sorrow and troubles for many zodiac signs. (Shukra) Now he is transiting in his beloved zodiac sign Taurus, where along with Mercury, he will form a Mahashubh Yoga named Mahalakshmi. Let us know in detail from astrologer Pt. Rakesh Chaturvedi, how the time is going to be from June 18 to July 13, 2022 for 12 zodiac signs due to this change of Venus.


The change in the zodiac sign of Venus will be very auspicious for Aries. During this, the people of Aries will definitely get success in the work they put their hands on. Sweetness and mutual trust and affection will increase in married life. During this time, there may be more out of pocket expenditure on things related to happiness and opulence, due to which your budget may also go awry.


This transit of Venus will give auspicious results for the people of Taurus. There will be an increase in wealth. Attraction towards opposite sex will increase. The chances of marriage will start forming. People facing legal dispute can get good news. Money stuck in business will be received and financial benefits will be available.


Due to this transit of Venus in their 12th house for Gemini, unnecessary expenses will increase. Tension may increase in the workplace. Relationships will improve in married life. A hasty decision related to business can prove to be wrong. You can be accused by the opposite sex in the office. If you are trying for a job or going abroad, then you can get success.


The change of zodiac sign of Venus is making a sum of money for you, but in terms of love relationship, this is the time to be careful, because you may get cheated in love. Brother and sister can get support in the family. The sum of land and new vehicle is being formed. There may be some ups and downs in health.


The change in the zodiac sign of Venus can create obstacles or problems in the career and business etc. of the people of Leo. There can be a dispute with senior or junior in the field. You will not feel like doing any one work. The wish of buying a new vehicle can be fulfilled. Full cooperation and mutual love will increase from partner in married life. During this, you will spend more money on things related to enjoyment and luxury.


For Virgo zodiac sign, the change of Venus is bringing luck. The happiness of the people of this zodiac will increase. The sources of income will increase. After a long time in business, the desired profit is visible. This transit will not be auspicious for love affairs. In such a situation, take some step forward very carefully. During this time some chronic disease may emerge.


For the people of Libra zodiac, the transit of Venus is happening in their eighth house. In such a situation, the people of this zodiac should avoid any big investment during this period. If there is any work related to the transaction of money, then do it carefully. There can be a dispute between husband and wife. Distraction is possible due to increased attraction towards the opposite sex.


Venus’s zodiac change for Scorpio will increase marital happiness. Will remove all the obstacles coming in marriage. There will be freedom from disease or physical pain and money will be gained. New allies can be found in business. There will be full support of colleagues in the office. The dream of buying land and building will come true.


The change in the zodiac sign of Venus is indicating to you to be aware of your secret enemies. During this time your opponents may be active in the field and in life. Do not trust anyone blindly, otherwise you can get cheated. If you are going to start a new business, then stop for a while and take a step forward in this regard. Before investing money at any place, take advice from elders and knowledgeable people.


The change in the zodiac sign of Venus will prove to be auspicious for the students who are preparing for the examination-competition. Married couples can get child happiness during this period. This time is very auspicious for those who do business of food related things and people associated with art. The desire for change in job can also be fulfilled.


The change in the zodiac sign of Venus will prove to be auspicious for the people of Aquarius. During this time you will get full support and affection from your parents. You will get the benefit of ancestral property. The attainment of vehicle happiness is also possible. Salaried people can get their desired promotion and money. Business growth is possible. However, some tension can be seen in married life.


The transit of Venus has brought auspiciousness and benefits for the people of Venus. This transit will provide excellent opportunities to people who have been wandering in search of jobs for a long time. Money is the sum total of profit. However, before investing money in any new scheme, do not forget to take the advice of an expert or well-wisher. During this time, the health of the parents can become a matter of concern for you. Time is auspicious for competitive students. There may be some reduction in marital happiness.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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