Thursday Worship Tips: Luck changes with these measures of Jupiter, all the bad things start happening

According to astrology, as soon as the person is born on the earth, the auspicious and inauspicious effects of the Navagrahas start affecting the person and in these Navagrahas, Devguru Jupiter (Lord Brihaspati) It is considered as a factor of happiness and good fortune, as soon as it showers its blessings, a person gets all the happiness, respect and respect related to life. god guru brihaspati (Jupiter) By its grace, the person gets success in every sphere of life. If the planet Jupiter in your horoscope is weakening and giving inauspicious results, due to which you are facing all kinds of problems, then you can follow the simple and effective astrology given below to overcome it and get good luck. (astrology) Do the remedy on Thursday.

  1. In the worship of Devguru Brihaspati, always the use of things related to yellow color is considered very auspicious. In such a situation, only yellow flowers, yellow fruits, yellow sweets and yellow clothes should be offered in worship.
  2. To get the blessings of Devguru Brihaspati, on Thursday, a person should wear yellow clothes and use yellow colored posture in worship. It is believed that the auspiciousness of the planet Jupiter is obtained by using this color clothes etc., favorable to the Guru.
  3. To get the blessings of Devguru Brihaspati, not only offer yellow flowers and yellow colored sweets and fruits etc. to him, but also distribute it to all the people in prasad. It is believed that by this remedy, Lord Jupiter is pleased and gives auspicious results to his seeker.
  4. To get the auspiciousness of the planet Jupiter, take a bath by adding a pinch of turmeric or saffron in the water on Thursday. To get the auspiciousness of the planet Jupiter, especially on Thursday, apply turmeric or saffron vaccine on the forehead and navel. It is believed that by doing this remedy, the seeker gets full luck and all his/her wishes are fulfilled on time.
  5. Thursday fasting is the best way to get the blessings of Devguru Brihaspati. In such a situation, if possible, keep the fast on Thursday with full law and on this day, chant the Vedic or Tantric mantras related to the planet Jupiter as much as possible. Chant the mantra of the planet Jupiter while sitting on a yellow colored seat with turmeric or yellow sandalwood garland.
  6. To strengthen the weak Jupiter planet in the horoscope, after consulting an astrologer, wear topaz, the gemstone of Jupiter. If you are not able to wear topaz, then wear a banana root in a yellow cloth.
  7. In the Sanatan tradition, the Peepal tree is considered to be revered like the gods. It is believed that offering water to Peepal on Thursday brings blessings not only to the planet Guru but also to Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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