This astrological remedy of alum saves from big troubles, discord goes away as soon as you do it

Many times in life, unknowingly or unknowingly, someone suddenly seems to have such an evil eye that the running business comes to a standstill and the children playing with laughter start to remain silent. According to astrology, all such obstacles in life are related to negative energy. If there is something similar with you and even after hard work and efforts, your work is not getting done and your financial problems are not taking the name of decreasing, then you should consider the simple and effective astrology remedies related to alum mentioned below. Must see once.

remedy for discord

Sometimes discord becomes a big cause of trouble in the life of some people. If something similar happens with you and there is always a dispute in your house about something or the other, then you should definitely take a remedy related to alum once. According to astrology, to remove the discord in the house, keep alum in a glass bowl in any corner of the house and keep changing it from time to time. It is believed that by doing this remedy, very soon positive changes come in life and the members of the family start living with love and harmony.

evil eye remedies

If you feel that your house is heavy all the time or say a negative energy remains in the house, then to remove it, you should wipe your house with alum mixed with water every day. To avoid evil eye or say negative energy, tie a piece of alum in a black cloth and hang it in the door. It is believed that by doing this remedy of alum, miraculous changes take place.

remedies for bad dreams

If you have a complaint of having nightmares while sleeping at night or if the child in your house wakes up suddenly at night, then you must try the remedy of alum once to avoid this problem. It is believed that if a piece of blue alum is tied and kept under the bed, then the nightmares stop while sleeping.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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