The perfect astrological remedy for sun worship, troubles will be cut as soon as you do it and your wishes will be fulfilled

In Hinduism, the Sun is considered the god of good luck and health. Whose worship removes all the sorrows and misfortunes related to life. In Hinduism, Sunday is considered very auspicious for worshiping the Sun. Sunday is also named after the sun god. According to astrology, people in whose horoscope the Sun, which is considered the king of the nine planets, is in an auspicious position, he wins a lot of respect in the society by conquering his enemies, whereas when he is weak, he always faces fear and failure from enemies. The fear remains. Let us know about those simple measures by worshiping the Sun God, after doing which the blessings of Lord Bhaskar start raining.

Offer Arghya to Sun God with this mantra

To worship Lord Surya, the god who gives direct vision every day, get up before sunrise every day and after bathing and meditating, after wearing clean clothes, put water, roli and akshat to the rising sun in a copper vessel and chant the mantra given below. Offer Arghya while chanting with reverence and faith and do obeisance thrice at your place.

“Ohi sun sahastransho tejo rashe jagatpatte.
Anukampyam Maa Bhaktya Grihanarghya Diwakar.

Sunday fast gives the blessings of the sun

In the Sanatan tradition, Sunday is dedicated to the Sun God. In such a situation, to get his blessings on this day, one should observe a fast on Sunday according to the law. The fast of Suryadev can be started from the Sunday falling in the Shukla Paksha of any month, but it must be kept at least 12 Sundays. Sadhak observing fast on Sunday should try to wear red colored clothes and he should not forget to consume salt on this day.

Simple Astrological Remedies for Sun Worship

  1. To get the blessings of Suryadev, feed wheat to a red cow on Sunday.
  2. On Sunday, fill a pink colored bottle with water and keep it in sunlight and on the next Sunday, take a bath by putting this water in the bathing water. It is believed that by doing this remedy, the blessings of the Sun God starts raining.
  3. To get the auspiciousness of the Sun, take bath by adding red flowers or saffron in the bathing water.
  4. To get the blessings of Suryadev, respect your father and father like person very much.
  5. Donate ba, jaggery, wheat etc. to a needy person on Sunday.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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