Sun Transit in Gemini: Sun’s transit in Gemini will brighten the luck of Virgo and Libra, know the condition of your zodiac

Navagrahas (Navgrah) The Sun, which is considered to be the king of the zodiac, will move out of Taurus and transit in Gemini today. With this change of Sun, the direction of the signs in all the constellations also changes. This event is known as Sankranti. mithun sankranti (Mithun Sankranti) After that comes a change in nature. Surya Narayan on this day (Lord Sun) By worshiping and worshiping it, auspicious results are obtained. According to well-known astrologer Pt. Ramesh Semwal, the solstice of the Sun will enter the Leo Ascendant on 15th June 2022 at 12:03 pm on Wednesday afternoon. The auspicious time of this Sankranti will be from 05:39 in the morning till midday. Let us know in detail how the transit of Sun in Gemini will affect the 12 zodiac signs –


During the transit in Gemini, the Sun will be in the third house. Due to which the confidence and might will increase in the people of Aries. However, some challenges will also have to be faced in the family. During this, there may be a dispute with your younger siblings. This time will prove to be auspicious for career-business.


Due to the transit of Sun in Gemini, the people of Taurus may have to face some problems. During this time, the people of this zodiac will need to control their speech and behavior. Avoid getting angry and do not take any big decision in anger. During this drive the vehicle with caution.


The transit of Sun will be in your zodiac, in such a situation there will be an increase in anger and tension within you. However, there will be an increase in career and business and the pending work will be completed. You will get the desired success in different areas of life.


The transit of Sun in the twelfth house of Cancer will prove to be auspicious for his people, who do work related to foreign countries or are willing to go abroad. However, the people of Cancer zodiac will have to take special care of their health during this period. There is a possibility of eye trouble. During this, stay away from court-court disputes.


Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac, which will be in the eleventh house. Due to which the people of Leo zodiac will get financial benefits and sums of money will be made. Prestige will increase. There are full chances of success in politics. You can get the desired position or important responsibility. There will be profit and growth in business.


Sun will communicate with Virgo in the tenth house. Due to which they will get auspicious results. In the tenth house, the Sun will fulfill all your desires and work. During this, you will get intellect and strength by the grace of Suryadev and will get the support of all the best friends and family members. The wishes of the people wandering in search of employment will be fulfilled. However, during this time you will have to take a little more care of your father’s health.


Sun will transit in the luck house of Libra, due to which all the obstacles will be removed from their life and they will get the desired success and profit in their career and business. During this you will get full support of good luck. The journey undertaken during this period will prove to be pleasant and beneficial. Those who are trying for government jobs can get good news.


The people of Scorpio zodiac will have to face some problems in life due to the transit of Sun in the eighth house. Anger will increase during this time. In such a situation, avoid arguing with anyone and keep yourself away from all kinds of controversies. There may be health problems, so take good care of your health.


Sun will transit in the seventh house of Sagittarius. Due to which their married life will be affected. During this period, the people of Sagittarius can have a dispute with their spouse. In such a situation, while resolving any matter with the life partner, resort to dialogue and avoid getting angry. It would be appropriate to keep yourself away from all kinds of disputes at home and outside.


The transit of Sun from Capricorn will be in the sixth place. Due to which there will be a slight decrease in the confidence of the people of Capricorn and laziness will increase. During this time there may be some obstacles in your work, due to which you may have to face problems.


The transit of Sun will be in the fifth position from Aquarius. The love relations of the people of this zodiac will be strong and some good news can be heard from the love partner. Overall, the people of Aquarius zodiac will benefit from love affair. However, any concern related to the child side will haunt you. Students will get the full fruits of their hard work.


The transit of Sun will be in the fourth place from Pisces. Due to which the people of this zodiac may have to face the dispute of land, building and ancestral property. During this your challenges will increase. However, during this time you can get vehicle pleasure. There may be some problems in the health of the mother. In such a situation, take special care of their health.

Remedies for Sun Worship

Offer Arghya to Surya Narayan by pouring roli, akshat and water in a copper vessel every day and then reciting Aditya Hriday Stotra thrice or the Sun God mantra. “Om hateful sunay namah” Chant the mantra. To get the auspiciousness of the Sun God, donate red colored objects on Sundays.

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