Success mantra: Pareto gave 80/20 principle for success, try it

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The Pareto Principal states that 80 percent of results can be achieved with only 20 percent of efforts. However in our lives we ignore this principle. We can live a good life by using this principle effectively.

We can adopt Pareto’s 80/20 Principle in our career, relationships, health, habits, goal attainment, productive capacity, emotions and in short, in every field. We can prioritize 20 percent of the important things from the whole, so that we get 80 results.

It would be best that we should know everything from the smallest of our goals. Now identify which goals fit the 80/20 principle. There are also some 20 percent goals, which give you 80 percent satisfaction or happiness. It is also necessary to recognize at times whether your destination is being fulfilled.

The biggest successes are never easy. Hard work and effort are behind them. Our present life is also the result of our efforts. It is up to us to improve it further. Whatever we are doing or want to do, do our best possible.

Who is pareto
Pareto’s full name Wilfredo Pareto was an Italian economist. In 1906, he noted that 80 percent of the property was occupied by 20 percent of the people. After this he thought that this rule could be in every field. Similarly, 80/20 theory of Pareto came out after a long time.

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