Success Mantra: If success is water, remember these 7 mantras of Dr. Kalam, life will change

Success Mantra: The words of Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam, who are famous as Missile Man, have been communicating new energy within every youth who has been disappointed with life somewhere. Kalam still remains a role model for the youth. He not only energized the youth with his words, but also taught them the quality of success in life. Let us know the things said by APJ Abdul Kalam that can help you in showing you the path of success by pulling out negativity from within you.

1-The joy of success in life comes only when any success is achieved through difficulty.

2-Don’t stop after the first success in life, because if you failed in the second attempt, then people will say that your first success was due to luck.

3-Dreams come true only when we start dreaming. A dream is not what you see in your sleep, a dream is one that does not let you sleep.

4-If you think that you are alone then first look at the sky, the whole universe is ready to support you, only you need to work hard.

5-Dreams can only come true when we abandon our sleep to fulfill dreams.

6-When your signature changes to autograph, then understand that you are on the path of success.

7-To complete any task, it has to be made its goal and the goal is fulfilled only when you are devoted to it.

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