Puja Mat Rules: After all, why worship of gods and goddesses is done sitting on the seat, know all the rules related to it

God in Hinduism (God) Asanas are always used during various types of pujas and auspicious functions. Worship (Worship) Asana, like all the related materials, has a lot of religious significance, which is why there are different deities and planets. (Planets) The rules of different types of asanas have been told for the worship and chanting that fulfills the wishes. It is believed that by worshiping on a seat related to the deity, the divine grace soon showers on the person and his wish is fulfilled. Let us know why the posture is used in any worship and for which deity, which posture (Aasan) and how should it be used.

Why asana is necessary for worship

Often you must have seen people sitting on different types of asanas and worshiping them. For example, some worship on a woolen seat, some on a cotton seat, and some sit on a seat made of Kusha. According to the classical rule, one should never worship while sitting on the ground, because when we do any chanting, the level of energy starts increasing in our body and if we are worshiping sitting on the ground, then this energy will be released. The land absorbs.

Important rules related to the ease of worship

According to religious belief, one should always use his seat for the worship of any deity. One should not use the posture of another person even by forgetting. At the same time, the seat of worship should always be kept clean and pure. One should never do food or other work while sitting in the seat of worship. Whenever your worship is completed, drop two drops of water under the seat and apply it on the forehead. One should not disrespect even by forgetting the seat of worship. After worship, the posture should be kept in a holy place with respect.

What is the result of sitting on which seat?

In ancient times, sages and sages used to do their chanting, meditation, rituals etc. sitting on deer skin, because this posture is beneficial and gives salvation. Sadhana done by sitting on this asana becomes successful soon. In all types of rugs, the easy of a blanket is considered very auspicious. It is believed that by doing sadhna sitting on a woolen seat one attains accomplishment. On the other hand, by worshiping on a seat made of silk, the seeker soon attains accomplishment. On the other hand, by worshiping sitting on a seat made of Kusha, one gets infinite results.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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