Luck changes as soon as you keep a flute in this corner of the house, all bad things start happening

Flute Vastu Remedies: Everyone wishes for happiness and prosperity in life and makes a lot of hard work and effort for it, but sometimes some people get it easily and some people do not get it even after working hard. While some feel sad that they have a lot of money, but often they are not able to enjoy it due to ill health. In the Sanatan tradition, to remove all such sorrows and to get happiness, not only the worship of God but also the infallible measures related to the things related to them have been given. It is believed that by keeping Lord Krishna’s favorite flute in the house, all the troubles and sufferings related to life go away in the blink of an eye. Come join Kanha’s flute in an easy and effective way Vastu Remedies know.

Why should flute be kept at home

There is a belief about Lord Shri Krishna’s beloved flute that sorrow, trouble and negative energy does not enter the house where it is kept in the right direction and place. Due to the auspicious effect of flute, positive energy and happiness-prosperity always remain there.

Where and how to keep flute at home

In Vastu Shastra based on five elements, some special rules have been given to keep the flute. The first rule of keeping the flute in the house is that it should be kept at such a place where everyone can see it. After this, according to your wish, you can make a flute made of different metals and keep it in your house. If you are struggling with financial crunch, you can make a silver or gold flute and keep it in your home or place of worship. If you are not able to do this remedy, keep a wooden flute in your house of worship and worship it daily. According to Vastu, to get the auspicious results of the flute kept in the place of worship, it should always be kept tilted.

Vastu defect related to beam will be removed from flute

In Vastu Shastra, the defect associated with the beam is considered to be very harmful. It is believed that people often face health-related problems while studying, eating food under the beam. If the Vastu defect associated with the beam in your house is causing your problems and you want to remove it without breaking it, then you should hang a flute at the place where this Vastu defect is being formed. By doing this remedy, the Vastu defect of the beam will be removed. According to Vastu, one should not sit or sleep under the beam.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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