Live troubled due to high debt, these measures of astrology will remove all financial problems

Live troubled due to high debt, these measures of astrology will remove all financial problems

Every person wants that all the wishes of his life should be fulfilled and his wealth should always be full. But in today’s time all happiness cannot be complete without money. In such a situation, usually a person takes a loan. But for some reason he is either not able to pay it back and those who return the loan installments have to deduct the rest. It is said that happiness and sorrow come and go in life like sun and shade. Sometimes such a situation comes that people get buried under the burden of debt by being dependent on every penny. If there are some similar situations in your life too, then do these astrological remedies to get rid of them.

  1. Worshiping Bholenath proves very effective to get rid of debt. In such a situation, red colored flowers should be offered on your Shivling. It is believed that this makes Lord Shiva happy quickly and fulfills all the wishes of the devotees.
  2. If you are getting burdened with debt day by day, then on the first Tuesday of the Shukla Paksha of any month, go to a temple and anoint the Shivling with milk and water. Along with this, meditate on Lord Runamukteshwar in your mind and chant the mantra ‘Om Runamukteshwar Mahadevaya Namah’.
  3. It is believed that by offering jasmine oil and yellow vermilion to Sankat Mochan on Tuesday or Saturday, problems related to money also go away. Along with this, daily hanuman recitation is also considered beneficial.
  4. It is believed that by feeding jaggery-gram and banana to monkeys, roti to cow, flour tablets to fishes and grains to birds, whatever debt is there, it gets repaid soon.
  5. To get rid of debt, install Lord Ganesha, the god of Riddhi and Siddhi, in the house. Try to keep the idol or his picture around the main door of the house. It is believed that positive energy comes in the house and gradually one starts getting relief from debt.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and public beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for it. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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