Jyeshtha Nakshatra: People of Jyeshtha Nakshatra try to become senior than others, due to this the downfall occurs

Jyestha is the eighteenth constellation of the zodiac, which extends from 226 degree 40 minutes to 240 degree 0 minutes in Scorpio, ruled by Mars. The remaining three stars that make up this nakshatra look like an umbrella or a ear flower. These are also symbols of this constellation group. The main star in these is a bright red star in the heart of Scorpio Antares. The ruling planet of this constellation is Mercury. Tamas is the basic quality of this nakshatra, but sattva flows in the second and third levels. The basic inspiration of this nakshatra is meaning directed activities. The lord of this constellation is Devadhidev Indra. Jyeshtha means senior most. But here it represents the elder sister or the middle finger of the hand. The elder sister is given the highest respect in the family and in the order of respect her place comes after the mother. This constellation group is like an angel who protects our children on earth and takes care of their development. Pranayama is a yogic kriya and the middle finger is used to perform this exercise in a complete manner.

The legend of the constellation and its size

Jyeshtha Devadhidev Indra has been of great importance in mythology, as he is the controller of all the pleasures of life. Indra has obtained this power only by doing very hard penance and sadhna. Indra is the most powerful of the gods, because he has the Sudarshan Chakra, with which he can consume the whole world in a moment and this wheel rests on his first finger. He has got this achievement only by making great sacrifices. He has killed many demons with this chakra. This Sudarshan Chakra also looks like an umbrella or ear flower. Jyestha has got a lot of respect due to the symbol of her umbrella or ear flower.

In ancient civilizations of many countries including India, kings who attained spiritual power were presented with a special ring to recognize their efforts in the spiritual field. People who have achieved special status in the society were honored by giving umbrellas in their time. In such a situation, the soul acquires the ability to move forward in a new direction. Coming to this stage, the person begins to transform. He has to go through a tremendous psychological condition to become one with the spiritual energy. The lord of this nakshatra is Mercury, which shows that the person has to increase his mental power a lot, so that he can understand the power of spiritual energy in real form. Indra, the lord of this constellation, also represents the enlightened mind.

properties and driving force

At this stage of Jyestha, the pattern of qualities is reversed. Here Tamas i.e. dormancy is at the root level and sattva, light and harmony predominate at the second and third levels. While discussing these nine constellation groups from Magha to Jyestha, we have seen that the basic quality of all these constellations is Tamas i.e. indolence or lethargy. This is the last constellation of this group. From here onwards the pattern is changing. The root is tamas, but the abundance of sattva takes care of the individual.

In Jyestha we see that the first guardian is the elder sister, who is there to give protection like a mother. We see that the first guardian is the elder sister or sister who is always ready to handle like a mother. The second symbol of this constellation is the middle finger, which always helps in correcting the breathing pattern of a person through pranayama method. When one is progressing on the path of spirituality, he/she gets many kinds of social honors which give recognition to his/her efforts in the spiritual field by giving ear flowers or umbrellas. The lord of this constellation group is the deity Indra who helps such a person to control his senses and illuminate his mind with spiritual awakening.

Characteristics and personality of the constellation

Your strength

Jyeshtha-Mercury-Mars conjunction shows courage and indomitable desire for freedom, but there is also fear at the subconscious level. Such a person tries to be senior in comparison to others, becomes senior in many ways and then tries to get autocratic power and respect. He proves himself to be proud, courageous, powerful and courageous. He also has the ability and power to rise above and he remains invincible, but even after being in trouble, he remains perky. Sometimes he doesn’t even shy away from doing cunning to achieve the end goal. In short we can say that there is a dream of becoming an ocean in a drop. You have a strong desire to remain aristocrat and elite in the social class. You have a lot of energy and you make full use of your special abilities for your development. You are busy working from within and soaring high in life, you are engaged in your development, but materiality never leaves you. You firmly believe that even if one wants to learn the proper method of meditation, then he should have a good bank balance. You strike a perfect balance between the rich and the poor. You are in the first class. Where everything is in abundance and you do not lack anything. Yet you also have compassion and love for the poor and you try to help them as much as you can. You are always ready for your own uplift and you are always surprised to look deep inside yourself.

your weaknesses

There is a constant internal struggle going on inside you for your image and self-esteem. Your mysterious and hypocritical nature can cause your downfall. You expect complete dedication from your friends and well-wishers. Don’t give unnecessary importance to physicality. You should stop your irritable nature, arrogance, pride and ego, self-discipline can be the best policy for you.

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