Importance of Aarti: Before performing the aarti of the deities, you must know the important rules related to it

Hindu (Hindu) Aarti performed during the worship of God in religion has a lot of religious significance. Aarti makes the worship of deities complete. On performing the aarti, the full merit of worship is attained. There are also some rules of the aarti of God, which should always be remembered while performing the aarti. How is the aarti performed to the deities? which god (God) Which lamp should be used for For which deity, how many wicks of a lamp? (Diya) should be used? How many times should the aarti be rotated, come the aarti (Aarti) Know in detail all these important things related to.

  1. It is believed that Aarti fulfills all the errors and shortcomings in the worship and gives its merit. It is believed that if a person does not know the mantra etc. of the deities, then through their aarti, he can get their blessings and blessings by removing that deficiency. It is believed that in the worship, the aarti removes all the sorrows of the seeker and serves to wire him.
  2. Before performing the aarti of the deities, take a plate and make a swastika in it and put some flowers or akshat in it and keep a lamp with a wick or five wick etc. After this, after giving water to the aarti, blow conch shell and start the aarti of your adoration. After performing the aarti, once again burn the aarti and after dedicating it to your worshiper, first take the aarti yourself and then show everyone to take the aarti.
  3. It is believed that while performing the aarti of God, first the lamp should be turned four times towards his feet, twice towards the navel and finally once towards the face. This whole process of aarti should be done a total of seven times.
  4. It is believed that Aarti should always be done through a pure and washed lamp. Aarti should never be performed by adding wick or camphor etc. to the already lit lamp.
  5. Aarti should always be done standing and if aarti is being done somewhere, then one should not sit on the ground or chair etc. If you are not able to do this due to physical incapacity, then this action should be completed by apologizing to God for this.
  6. The worship of Tulsi in the courtyard or balcony of the house is considered incomplete without aarti. The aarti of Tulsi Mata should always be done in the evening with a lamp of pure ghee. It is believed that the aarti of Mother Tulsi performed in the evening, removes all kinds of sorrows and misfortunes and bestows them with happiness and good fortune.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)