Golden Vastu Rules: These Vastu rules are more valuable than gold, big change comes in life as soon as you adopt it

Vastu Shastra making dream home (Vastu Shastra) It is very important to take care of the rules related to. According to Vastu, things made in the right direction, happiness, prosperity and good luck (Good Luck) While ignoring these rules often causes all kinds of problems. many times the wealth (Wealth) Even after this, there is tension in the house and lack of mutual harmony among the family members. If there is some similar problem with you then you should follow the Vastu rules related to your house. (Vastu Rules) Special care should be taken. Let us know about those golden rules related to Vastu, which, as soon as they are adopted, bring happiness and progress in the house.

  1. According to Vastu, before constructing any building, the right land must be selected and worshiped. After this, in which direction the thing should be constructed, it should be considered.
  2. According to Vastu, a person wishing for happiness and good fortune should never use old wood, bricks or glass etc. while constructing a new building.
  3. While making the place of worship inside the house, one must choose the right direction and place. According to Vastu, the Northeast angle is the best for the house of worship, but if this is not possible, then in whichever direction you make a place of worship, choose this direction to keep the idols of the gods and goddesses there and while worshiping you. Face should be towards north or east direction.
  4. According to Vastu, people who wish for happiness and good luck should make auspicious signs like auspicious and profit or swastika etc. at the main door of their house. Similarly, the shape of Om should be made from the roli above the main door.
  5. According to Vastu, the kitchen should always be made in an igneous angle in the house and the rack for keeping kitchen items should be made in the south direction. Similarly, in the kitchen, the gas stove should also be kept in an igneous angle.
  6. According to Vastu, a person desirous of happiness and good fortune should never keep rubbish, slippers and shoes in the Brahma place of his house. The Brahma place of the house should always be kept clean and empty.
  7. According to Vastu, never keep bad things like a closed clock, bad mechanical equipment, etc. in the house. According to Vastu, such things lying in the house cause sorrow and misfortune.
  8. According to Vastu, people who wish for money and grains must keep cleanliness in the house, but should not forget to sweep after evening. To remove the negative energy of the house, once a week mop with salt must be done.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)