Emerald gives success in studies, but before wearing it, you must know these rules

According to astrology, as soon as a person is born on earth, the person gets associated with the Navagrahas. The effect of the movement of these 9 planets has a lifelong effect on him. Among the nine planets, the planet Mercury, which is considered the prince of the planets, is considered to be the factor of intelligence, career and business. It is believed that if the planet Mercury is strong in the horoscope of any person, then it provides him with auspicious results, while on the contrary, weak brings all kinds of troubles. In astrology, in all the types of remedies that have been given to get the auspiciousness of the planet Mercury, the gemstone is considered to be very effective. Let us know in detail about the rules and benefits of wearing the emerald gemstone, which gives auspiciousness to Mercury.

When and in which finger to wear emerald gemstone

To get the auspiciousness of emerald gemstone, not only should it be worn on an auspicious day, but it should be bought on an auspicious day and made in auspicious metal only. According to astrology, after buying the emerald gem from the market on Wednesday, it should be worn on Wednesday only. Before buying an emerald, definitely find out from an astrologer that the emerald with the least amount of ratti will prove to be auspicious for you. The emerald gem should be embedded in gold or bronze metal in such a way that it keeps touching your skin. The emerald gem should be worn on the little finger of the little finger on Wednesday at sunrise after worshiping and anointing with the mantra of Mercury.

When you can not buy expensive emerald gemstone

In the Sanatan tradition, the solution to all the problems related to life has been told. If for some reason you are not able to buy an expensive emerald gem that gives you the success you want in career and business, then you do not need to be disappointed at all, because instead you can adopt green turmali, margaj or the root of Vidhara according to law. Huh.

Benefits of wearing emerald gemstone

  1. According to astrology, emerald gemstone is considered very auspicious for the students engaged in the preparation of examination-competition. In such a situation, those who wish to get the desired success in the examination should definitely wear the emerald gem on the advice of some astrologer.
  2. Those who complain that their mind is not fixed on any one thing in their family or family, or if there is lack of concentration, then they should wear emerald stone to get over this problem.
  3. According to astrology, the intellect and speech are better by wearing emerald gemstone. In such a situation, people who have the job of speaking in public, such people should wear emerald gem to become a good speaker and make their speech attractive.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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