By doing this remedy of astrology, all the obstacles will be removed, marriage will happen in a pinch

As soon as the child is eligible for marriage, every parent is concerned about a good life partner for him, that he should get married on time and with a suitable girl or boy. Sometimes this wish of some people is fulfilled on time, while some people have to wait for a long time for it. Many times there are unwanted obstacles in the marriage of some people, then the marriage of some people gets fixed and breaks up. With increasing age, when someone is not married, then not only that person but his entire family is worried about him. If you are facing some similar problem regarding marriage or if you are worried about the marriage of a relative, then you should definitely try the below mentioned astrology remedy once.

Do this surefire remedy on Thursday

To fulfill the wish of marriage, Lord Laxminarayan must be worshiped on Thursday. It is believed that not only Lord Vishnu but also Devguru Brihaspati get the blessings of fasting on Thursday.

Donation will remove all obstacles

If there is a lot of delay in the marriage of your daughter or son, then to remove the obstacles related to it, go to the marriage in the house of a relative and make a secret donation. By doing this remedy, the obstacles coming in the marriage of your son or daughter will be removed soon.

Wish will be fulfilled by the grace of Kanha

If you are not able to find your desired life partner even after making great efforts, then you should do spiritual practice of Lord Shri Krishna daily. If possible, go to a Krishna temple and offer a flute to the Lord. By doing this remedy, your wish will definitely be fulfilled.

This remedy will remove the fault of the horoscope

Many times, due to the defects located in the horoscope of some people, there are big obstacles in marriage and the marriage cannot be formed. If something like this happens with you too, then to remove such defects, girls should definitely offer water to Tulsi ji after taking bath every morning. Similarly, even after anointing Shivling with Gangajal, one gets freedom from marriage related defects.

Marriage will happen soon with the remedy of turmeric

To remove the obstacles coming in marriage, unmarried young men and women should take a bath every Thursday by adding turmeric to the bath water. Similarly, if saffron is used in food, auspicious results are obtained.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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