Aaj Ka Panchang: At what time Panchak will start and when will be Rahukaal, read Panchang of 23 January 2023

Aaj Ka Panchang: At what time Panchak will start and when will be Rahukaal, read Panchang of 23 January 2023

Today’s Panchang 23 January 2023: In Hinduism, any work is done by observing auspicious day, auspicious date, auspicious time etc. Panchang to find out about all these things(Panchang)is required. Through which you can get detailed information about sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, planets, constellations, etc. along with auspicious and inauspicious times for the coming days. Come with the five parts of Panchang – Tithi, Nakshatra, Vaar, Yoga and Karan, Rahukal, Dishashul(Dishschool)Bhadra(Bhadra)quintet(Panchanka)Get important information about major festivals etc.

time of rahukal

In Sanatan tradition, Rahukaal has been considered extremely inauspicious for any work. According to Panchang, Rahukaal will be from 08:33 am to 09:53 am on Monday. In such a situation, avoid doing any work during this time today.

moon sighting time

Moon darshan, which is considered very auspicious for the attainment of happiness and good fortune in the Sanatan tradition, can be done today evening between 05:53 to 07:35. It is believed that seeing the moon removes the moon defect and mental troubles of the horoscope.

where will the disoriented

According to Panchang, like Rahukaal, misdirection is also considered very inauspicious to do any work. It is believed that on going in the direction where the person is disoriented, there is a hindrance in the person’s work. According to Pachang, today there is disorientation in the east. In such a situation, avoid going this way today, but if it is necessary to go here for some reason, then go out after looking at the mirror to avoid the fault.

Panchang for 23 January 2023

(Based on the time of the country’s capital Delhi)

Vikram Samvat – 2079, Rakshasa

Saka Samvat – 1944, auspicious

Day monday
Ayana uttarayan
Ritu Shishir
Month Magh month
Paksha Darker fortnight
Tithi Dwitiya till 06:43 in the evening followed by Tritiya
Constellation loyalty
Yoga deviation
Karan Balav in the morning till 08:33 and then Kaulav till 06:43 in the evening.
Sunrise 07:13 am
Sunset 05:53 pm
Moon In Capricorn till 01:51 PM and then in Aquarius
Time of Rahu Morning 08:33 to 09:53
Yamganada 11:13 am to 12:33 pm
Gulik 01:53 to 03:13 pm
Abhijit Muhurt 12:12 to 12:54 pm
Disha Shool in the east
Bhadra ,
Panchak From 01:51 PM on January 23, 2023 to 06:37 PM on January 27, 2023

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and public beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for it. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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