7 golden rules of Vastu, which shine as soon as you adopt

Office is a place where you spend the most quality time of your life. Every person working in the office aspires to get the desired progress in life. For this, every man also makes a lot of effort at his level, but sometimes some people complain that even after making a lot of efforts, they are not getting the full results of their hard work. If there is something similar with you and you have been troubled for a long time to get the desired success in your career or business, then with hard work and effort, you should also pay attention to those Vastu rules, which are adopted as soon as possible. Luck seems to be coming your way.

  1. According to Vastu, wherever you sit in the office, there should not be a window or main door etc. behind your chair. It is considered a major defect in Vastu.
  2. According to Vastu, one should never work sitting under a beam in the office. According to Vastu, a person working under a beam has to face problems not only in career but also in health.
  3. According to Vastu, electronic or computer or laptop should always be kept in the southeast direction in the office. According to Vastu, if there is an electronic item in the wrong direction, it often causes all kinds of problems.
  4. According to Vastu, never forgetting to keep water near your electronic item. Always keep water in the office in the north-east corner of your room or your table. You should also keep the picture of your inspiring man or adorable deity in this direction.
  5. According to Vastu, if possible, keep the door of the office in the north or east direction and always keep the door equipped with Mars symbols. According to Vastu, doors should always open inwards. According to Vastu, the door of the office should not be broken, nor should there be a sound while opening it.
  6. Never keep bad machines, watches etc. in the office. It is considered a serious defect in Vastu, due to which negative energy is created in the workplace, which has its side effects on the people working there.
  7. According to Vastu, the office should never be constructed in the North-West, South-West, West, South direction of any building. Similarly, having an office in the basement is not considered auspicious.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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