Ask The Expert: My wife went with friends .. with me since she came ..

Recently my wife went on a trip with her friends. He did not tell me anything about that trip upon his return. Asking anything over and over she is diverting whether it is okay to say it or not. No matter what I asked about that trip she never told me anything. In fact I feel like she is hiding something from me. Asked to say anything she did not say anything about the original.
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She does not like to share any of those things over and over. My wife has changed a lot since I went on the trip. I do not understand why she is not sharing with me. It is doubtful whether she really wants to tell me anything or whether she wants to hide anything without me knowing. What to do at a time like this ..? Advise yourself. Tell me how to follow … Tell me how to solve this problem. Then I will adapt to it and get out of this problem. I might be happy with that.

Doctor Answer:

Hi Andy Thank you for sharing your problem with us. If you are so suspicious of your wife then you are going to face difficulties in your relationship. However, this suspicion will put you under a lot of pressure. Also you will not have peace of mind for your wife either. It also damages the bond between you. However solve this problem this way.

Start trusting your partner first. This is also important in every single relationship. There should never be trust between husband and wife unless there is faith otherwise there will be no love. You talk to your wife and resolve this issue. Talk to your wife and slowly try to understand the situation. That’s all but do not doubt. So if you believe and speak correctly the situation will surely improve. In the same way you need to understand why you felt this way ..?, If you felt this way without any logic.
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You also have to ask yourself why you have doubts about her. Moreover there is no possibility of repeated suspicion without knowing why the suspect. So be sure to ask the reason why the suspicion came up so you can easily solve this problem. So this question will be the solution to the problem with which you ask.

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What actually happened ..?, What is the truth, what is the lie to know. So do not make any decision without knowing what is true and what is not true. Surely this is true you must realize that this is not true. That’s all but it’s not a good idea to repeatedly say that she did something wrong. That’s it but do not make the problem bigger without any problem.

Sometimes we have doubts. But there is no logic. There will be no clue over. Yet something like this keeps popping into our brains because of the thought of something. So instead of doing that you think only after doing things like asking.
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If you follow these methods, the suspicion that your fear will disappear will also decrease. So the wife should not bring suspicions so that the love between the husbands does not diminish and there are no problems between them. If you think it’s correct, you should stop. Also do not misunderstand those who repeatedly suspect. There may be another reason for her to hide what you do not know. If known correctly but you do not have any doubts. They unnecessarily weaken the bond between your spouses.

Finally …

If the love between husband and wife grows, the bond will be good and there will be no trouble at home. Husbands and wives should always love each other .. Encourage each other .. It is very important to help each other. Both husband and wife are like two horses in a chariot called Samsara. So as always wife husbands should be moving forward nicely and nicely. It’s good for the family and the children will grow up well.