Ask The Expert: My wife did that before marriage .. now ..

Question: Hi .. My wife made an agreement before marriage. Then I didn’t think much of it. It’s been four years now. My wife is behaving strangely now that everything is bane. Chirag screams and pushes me away. With this she is afraid that she will leave me at any moment .. You have to solve this problem yourself.
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Answer .. You need to know if you signed the contract before the wedding or not. What do you want for your married life. Not knowing what she wants because of the actual marriage. You need to know what your purpose is, how powerful you are and how to make it come true if you want a love, romantic, lasting married life.
The first step is to stop worrying about what she wants. Come to a clarity on what you are worried about. You are always creating your life. If you do not want to receive negative things in your life, legally, stop worrying about its consequences.

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To know clearly what you want in your relationship with her, it is good to think about it. Not what she wanted. Because he wants you as much as he wants you. And it is important to take care of yourself even when he is separated from you. Some memories are very touching to the mind. You will be happy with all of them. Otherwise your life is important to you. So come out of all the problems.
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Here are a few things we should note. We are not born for one. Can never be with one. Must stay away forever. Those we like do not have what it takes to like us. We do not even have to bother those who do not like it. Whose life is theirs. They have a right to life. Can’t you enjoy life when they are not there .. How much you like it .. You can also enjoy your life when they like you so much. All the best.
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-Aashmeen Munjaal, Ontologist & Relationship Expert