Ask The Expert: If I had an affair with the owner of the house.

Question: My loveless marriage, I’m tired of this. I waited for many days but could not find anything I expected from him. This is why I had an affair with the home owner. Our mother-in-law knew about this by the time she thought everything was fine. With this I could not speak properly with him. She did not go near. But, my husband went so close to her. Although I did not love my husband, I did not want to ruin the relationship. What happens now. What should I not do ..
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Dr. Chandini Answer:
Thank you for writing this letter to us in advance. I can understand how embarrassing you are. It has been a few days since your mother-in-law found out about your relationship with your home owner. He said he did not want your marriage to be severed. But you do not know what to do to avoid it. You’re in a lot of trouble right now. Now the important thing here is what your mother-in-law does. She is shocked and surprised. Now all you have to do is talk to your aunt about what she saw. Although she’s embarrassed to talk to you about what she saw in you .. it would be a bit of a relief if she talked about this. So talk to her about this. Let her know why you had to do this. Let her know that you are not happy with your marriage. Let her know that you did not intend to hurt anyone and that you are sorry for what happened.

Aunt who saw a woman having an affair with the owner of the house

It is also important to think about what you want to do after that. If you are not happy in your married life, it is better for everyone to avoid it. It’s a decision you have to make for yourself. But, it is very important to talk to your mother-in-law about it. She can definitely help you in making a decision.
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Other than that it is very important to talk to your husband about what is actually going on. With this you can find out whether to continue this bond. Also think about whether you want to continue your business or not. If your relationship with your husband is not likely to live together again, think and decide if the only solution is to separate yourself physically and mentally from him.
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Whatever you decide to do, it is important to remember that you have choices. Live a life where you can think for yourself and be happy. Talk to an Osari therapist later if you have any problems.
Repentance, it is OK to think for a good marriage bond. However, what do you think. It is also important to look at the reality of what is actually going on. If both of you want to be together then forget all the mistakes you have made so far and spend time focusing on a satisfying life for both of you.

Finally .. it is important to think about all of these and take treatment if you feel embarrassed or stressed. Find out if your husband also needs this treatment in this regard. Don’t be shy to ask him. It will benefit both of your lives. All the best.
-Dr. Chandni Tugnite MD, Psychotherapist, Life Coach.