Arthritis: Why are arthritis pains worse in winter? How to reduce them?

It must be said that winters are hell for those suffering from arthritis. Joint pains are aggravated by cold weather. Experts say that there are various reasons why they have more pains during this season than on normal days. From changes in barometric pressure to hardening of the blood vessels around the joints, many problems can be encountered. There is only one solution. Making the same lifestyle changes. If you do that, you can get relief from joint pain even in winter. Staying active, exercising regularly, and avoiding activities that put a lot of stress on the joints can help. There are reasons. Pain is felt more because the bones are weak. This causes changes in the pressure on the nerves in the bones. Another reason is that in winter the body circulates a large amount of blood to conserve heat. In such conditions the blood vessels in the joints of arms, legs, shoulders and knees become stiff. Those who have arthritis then feel more pain.

These people have more pain

In winter, muscles, ligaments and synovium become firm. The synovial fluid in the kneecap thickens during cold temperatures. The tight muscles around the knee are prone to friction when moving. Moreover, osteomalacia changes due to less release of synovial fluid. These increase pain in patients suffering from arthritis. Laborers and daily wage laborers are exposed to constant physical labor and therefore suffer from these problems if they have arthritis. Synovial fluid produces heat in the joints. Even those who are away from physical activity have to face these problems.

These lifestyle changes can deal with the pain

⦿You should wear loose clothing to keep yourself warm. One should also try to keep the house warm.

⦿Walking in the sun or doing gym also not only increases metabolic heat but also improves joint function. Also participating in some sports activities can also reduce pain.

⦿Healthy foods should be taken especially fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, dry fruits.

⦿Vitamin D supplements are beneficial.

⦿Vitamin D supplements are beneficial.


⦿Bathing with hot water is also good

⦿Do daily activities by moving the joints. Movement reduces pain. Strengthens the muscles.

⦿Losing weight is a great solution for all problems

⦿The body should be given enough rest, eat in moderation

⦿Running, jumping repeatedly is not good.

⦿Smoking should be quit. It increases the stress on the tissue and increases the pain of arthritis.

Arthritis patients should follow these tips during winter

☀It is very important to protect the skin around the joint area. If it becomes dry, it can cause inflammation in the joints.

☀ Applying moisturizers containing vitamin A and E will reduce the pain.

☀ Let the heat of the sun hit the body. By doing so, vitamin D helps to keep bones strong.

☀Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers should take a warm bath to relieve pain.

☀Exercise helps the knees to release sufficient amount of synovial fluid for better movement.

☀Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, ginger, soy bean, fatty fish, green vegetables, nuts, plenty of water should be taken. A balanced diet with collagen supplements helps to strengthen the joints.

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