Are you going to travel long distance by train in summer? Make travel safe and healthy with the help of these tips

Are you going to travel long distance by train in summer?  Make travel safe and healthy with the help of these tips

Travel Tips: Summer vacation has started. In this vacation, the fun of traveling with the family is something else. And when the family is together then it is fun to travel by train. However, traveling by train becomes a bit difficult in terms of health and safety. Because strong heat can make a person light. Can cause many problems. Nevertheless, if this journey can be made wonderful by following some tips. If you are also going to travel by train to go on vacation, then we are telling you some important tips, by following which you can make your journey   Can make memorable. Let’s know about those tips.

Follow these tips while traveling by train

1.If you are traveling by normal coach then keep yourself hydrated in summer day. If there are more people in the family, then you can keep a big water cooler, keep drinking water every little while. If you want, you can drink buttermilk or lassi or even fruit juice.

2.To protect yourself from the hot winds, sit with a face cover.

3.Avoid eating cucumbers, fruits etc. sold at the station, because they remain open and there is a risk of spreading the infection. This can spoil your journey, you can have diarrhea and vomiting.

4.Whenever buying water, do not take water bottle from the vendor. Because it has been heard and seen many times that vendors sell water only after filling it in used bottles, in such a situation you may be at risk of infection from contaminated water. Always buy sealed bottles of water from the stall at the station.

5.Avoid eating samosa burger or other junk food sold in the train. If you are on a long journey, then you should bring chips packets from home, this will make the journey easier and your health will also be good.

6.Keep a packet of ORS with you. Carry anti-vomiting and loose motion medicines along with you. Keeping these medicines becomes even more important if you have small children with you.

7.Always wear loose-fitting and light-colored comfortable clothes during the journey.. During the journey, you must carry your sheet, food, water, sanitizers shop hand wash.

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