Are smartwatches safe or dangerous? What do experts say?

Once Upon a Watch‌ It is just a time telling device. But now the meaning of watch has changed. Smart‌ All that changed with the advent of watches. Is your heart beating properly? Is the blood circulation proper? Oxygen‌ Levels‌ At what level? By informing users about all these things alert‌ are doing Even so, early detection of diseases and immediate alert‌ doing it.

Okay so far so good.. but super‌ Star‌ Rajinikanth‌ Everyone remembers the movie Robo in the lead role. Shankar‌ This movie directed by ‌.. release in all languages‌ Ai Manchi Success‌ achieved But this smart‌ Watch‌ Why did the robot movie suddenly come from.. Reel? Connection‌ to Real‌ Life has a lot to do with it. A man-made robot.. end‌ off‌ We saw in the movie Robot trying to kill the same man in The Climax. But now if the situation is like that, the chance that comes to people‌ Some experts say that there is. What happens in our body till yesterday..? The brand that came into the market to know these things for ourselves. Smart‌ We buy watches. But the same smart‌watch‌ You know what tells us that we are being misinformed about ourselves? Videos related to this social‌ There are many in the media. 

Smart‌ The main purpose of watches:

If the BP increases, if the heart beat is alarming, or if there is a risk of heart attack-paralysis, they immediately give us an alert. They help us to go to the hospital in time and save lives. Or passing on our health information to our close friends and family members. A new smart watch with all kinds of advanced features is now available in the Indian market. Watches are more harm than good for the body:

Did you know that these smart watches that track our every step can make us sick? Yes you read it all right.. We can use smart watches throughout the day to measure fitness. We can feel that we have reached the target in each section. But, these smart watches have a chance to increase stress in us. Doctors warn that there is. But smart‌watches‌s only work‌ Outs‌ Fitness & zwnj; fitness & zwnj; The examples Apart from that for 24 hours smart‌ Wearing the watch on the wrist is correct. He said no.

Smart‌watches‌s are really smarta..?

The main purpose of smart‌watches‌s is.. a person on his hand Smart‌ If he wears a watch.. every update in his body is recorded by a second. Two second‌ The person should provide the mobile‌ Among them is Blade‌ Pressure‌ Maybe, Hart‌ beat‌ Maybe, and so can BP. But if giving this information is one step.. is the information given true..? Isn’t it..? That should be known. But some YouTube‌ Some of the bloggers are smart. If you tie the watch to your hand, it’s one way. If you tie it to your leg, it updates. It is said that it will give. 

Eg: A person gives a branded The company’s smart‌ Putting on his watch, he kept his hands in his pockets and walked the distance he had pre-determined. A kind of distance for that‌ Calculations revealed Smart‌ Watch‌. But… this is smart‌ He tied the watch to his leg and walked the same distance. But the strange thing here is that if you walk with your feet rather than your hands, it is correct.  Calculate Distance‌ Smart‌ Watch‌. 

Fake Smart‌Watch‌ R‌ Real‌ :

Smart‌ Watch‌ Fake‌ R‌ Real‌ It cannot be said for sure. Because.. In the past, a person wearing a very smart watch has been rescued in cases where a person is at risk. News about the scenes is also social‌ A lot of viral in media‌ have become Apple‌ Watch‌ The woman said that she suggested. His average‌ Resting Heart‌ Rate‌ Apple‌ Watch‌ She said that it was shown. Average‌ Resting Heart‌ Rate‌ The woman stated in the post that she suspected that some changes had taken place in her body after seeing the growth.

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