Are cardiac stents at risk of embolization? What do you do if you get buried?

Are cardiac stents at risk of embolization?  What do you do if you get buried?

Many people get stents due to heart problems. They are also using blood thinners. Due to the formation of clots in the blood, doctors put stents like this. But the doubt that many people have is that there is a possibility of clot formation even after placing stents? that According to the doctors, even after placing the stents, there is a possibility of formation of clots in the place where the stents are placed in five to ten percent of people. Or deposits may form in new areas. There is a risk of re-clotting within eight to 12 months after stenting. Especially for those suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes there is a chance of getting clots even after having these stents. Stunts can also be buried due to certain types of reactions in the blood vessel. In such cases, doctors remove the clot with the help of balloon angioplasty, or if necessary, another stent is placed. But doctors say that if the stents get stuck repeatedly, bypass surgery will be necessary.

Doctors suggest that it is better to take some precautions after getting the stents. People with high blood pressure and diabetes should regularly take medicines to control both. Doctors also prescribe blood thinners after stent placement. They should be used strictly. Also, avoid eating habits that are high in fat. Eat healthy food. Exercise should be done. Light exercises should be done as per doctor’s advice. Reduce stress. Stents are also likely to accumulate due to high pressure.

Some types of food should be taken beforehand to prevent heart disease. Even after suffering from heart disease, eating such foods can strengthen the heart. Cereals are very good for the heart. So one should eat more foods cooked with barley, millets, oats, beans, pulses and wheat. And among the greens, you should eat a lot of fenugreek, radish leaves, spinach and lettuce. It not only prevents heart diseases but also prevents the risk of cancer. It is low in fat calories. High in fiber. When it comes to fruits, berries are good for the heart. Strawberries and blueberries should be eaten. Also eating a small piece of dark chocolate daily is beneficial. Do not eat too much. Fruits rich in vitamin C should be eaten. Make a habit of eating potatoes and oranges. Also eat foods made with soy. Paneer made with soya is available outside. This is called tofu. It is better to eat them as a curry at least twice a week. Potatoes can also be eaten. In fact, potatoes are very good for the heart. It is rich in potassium. Make sure to include tomatoes in your daily diet. It is also rich in potassium. The nutrients present in it purify the blood. Get used to eating handfuls of nuts daily. Make sure that the nuts include almonds, walnuts and peanuts. They contain vitamin E. Vitamin E prevents accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body. Also try to eat pomegranate daily.

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