Anyone heard this? He filed a defamation case of Rs 24 crore against a woman for saying ‘just friends’!

Anyone heard this?  He filed a defamation case of Rs 24 crore against a woman for saying ‘just friends’!

If you refuse love, acid attacks are done, girls are beheaded on the road. Otherwise there are incidents where some people are committing suicide because they did not accept their love. But this is different from all of them. A defamation suit will be filed if insulted or insulted anywhere. But here he made a case that his girlfriend did not love him. Although it is surprising to hear.. this is true.

A man from Singapore filed a case against his girlfriend for not being his love. He filed a defamation suit against her saying that he had suffered serious emotional injury and business loss due to her unlovedness. A lump sum of 3 million dollars as compensation is  He demanded to pay about Rs.24 crores in our currency. What actually happened is..

A woman named Nora Tan was introduced to Kaushigan from Singapore in 2016. Till 2020 both are good as friends. But one day Koushigan says that he wants to maintain a romantic relationship with Tan. But Tan did not agree to that. She says that she has never acted beyond her limits and has never seen her with that intention, only seeing her as a best friend. This made him angry and started threatening Tan. He sent threatening messages threatening to file a case. Tan came to an agreement with him. Both of them decided to go to counseling together to solve the problem between them. Counseling was also taken for a year. But Kaushigan did not change his mind.

He said that no matter how many counseling sessions he went to, his feelings about Tan did not change. However, Tan keeps pushing her away saying that it is unnecessary to continue the relationship. Koushigan got angry and wanted to take revenge on her somehow. Filed a case in court. I was emotionally devastated by his behavior and hurt by the injury he caused. He filed a case in the court saying that due to non-acceptance of his feelings, he was damaged in business as well as defamation. He demanded compensation of 3 million dollars for the damage caused to him. The hearing of this petition will be held on February 9. Let’s see what the court says. It remains to be seen whether the court will scold Kaushigan to respect the girl’s feelings or scold Tan. However, after reading the news, the boys are celebrating. They are making comments on social media saying that justice should be done to him and that the girls who cheat in the name of love should be exposed. Others, however.. How can she accept unwanted love? They say she has the freedom to reject love. Let’s see what the court says.

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