Anxiety: Having such dreams means that you have such a mental problem

Extreme stress, pain and emotions can lead to problems like anxiety and depression if it continues for a long time. This mental stress can also affect physical health. They cause problems like heart, BP, kidney problems and diabetes. That is why precautions should be taken at the initial stage by observing each symptom carefully. According to doctors from the University of Düsseldorf, people suffering from anxiety have different dreams. Depending on them, the mental state can also be predicted. 

What kind of dreams?
The intensity of emotions is high in those who are affected by anxiety. Ex-lovers float in their imaginations. They come even in dreams. Very fast to imagine each. Also, if they seem to be paralyzed with fear in their dreams, if there are any accidents, if they have dreams of a plane crashing, chasing after something, running to escape from it, even if they seem to be attacked, they should be checked for anxiety symptoms. 
< strong>Anxiety Symptoms
Symptoms of anxiety include shortness of breath, increased heart rate, feeling nauseous, increased anxiety, dry mouth, anxiety, irritability, and pins and needles. These symptoms can be very scary if severe. It becomes difficult to sleep. Even doing daily tasks becomes very difficult. Some people get stomach ache. Can’t even eat food. The whole body becomes dull. They have intense emotions. 

Not all symptoms should appear at once. In some, only two or three symptoms are severe. Others have all the symptoms. It depends on the person’s mental state. These may require medication. Medicines should be used for not less than six weeks. It may be used for months at a time. Sleeping tablets are also prescribed for insomniacs. 

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